View Full Version : Chasing Hose Kit for B1

15-10-2012, 08:15 PM
Anyone have advice where I could get a hose kit for a B1. Mainly the hoses from the waterpump to the heater and the water bypass neck from the head...

Having trouble just doing general searches on the internet.. nothing goes that old... :(
Dorothy keeps blowing hoses... Probably original hoses on the old girl.... Have replaced everything else, so figure time to do them too now....

Peter Jones
16-10-2012, 08:59 PM
Upper and lower radiator hoses can be gotten from German autoparts - look in the dasher section.

They've got the vertical bypass hose as well, there's a few variations depending on your motor.

The heater hoses can be made with straight hose.

The plumbing in these varies a bit. Get some photos up of your engine bay and point out which bits you're after.

I think I used a couple of mk1 golf hoses in places.

I found that there there was a lot of unused outlets and things and simplified some of the hoses.