View Full Version : Business 9N Polo GTI tuning

29-08-2012, 11:02 AM
In light of a couple of enquiries recently after the dyno runs at the weekend. Here's the damage for Phase 1, 2 and 3 tuning on the Polo. ;)

Phase 1 $799 Essentially any mods without a downpipe

Phase 2 $899 Must have a downpipe, FMIC desirable (who wouldn't fit one anyway?) Anything else as long as the std turbo stays

Phase 3 Turbo upgrades, K04/Frankenturbo or bigger. Supporting hardware required. $ Varies on the time taken, with re-writes.

Moving up the Phases attracts discounts so please enquire if you have plans to Phase 1 now and go with a downpipe and intercooler in the future.

Personally, I would always recommend getting all your hardware done and just tune once. I appreciate that doesn't fit in with everyone's plans, so hit me up for suggestions.

**************SAI delete software now an option too********************

SAI delete is included free with Phase 2 if required or as a $50 option with Phase 1.

Block off plate supplied if required, use original bolts and gasket.

14-09-2016, 09:26 PM
Bumping, I can loan out Phase 1 and 2 ECUs. Just ask. Pretty easy DIY fit. Try before you buy.