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18-08-2012, 07:46 PM
This is just a quick post to let you know about a new product from KW- The new Ultra Low kit.

These are a kit designed for the tuner who wants to get their car slammed hard, but still retain good handling and drivability.

On face value they're just a shorter strut, but underneath all that, these kits have been completely engineered from the ground up, to produce the high performance and quality people expect from a company like KW.

TPR Engineering is the first to bring a KW Ultra Low kit into Aus. This first kit being KW V3 Ultra Low for a customer's Mk5 R32. I'll put a few phone pics of the kit below, as well as a link to KW's own info page.




Product news - KW automotive GmbH (http://www.kw-suspensions.eu/int/kw_news_entry.php?PageId=product_news&EntryId=4249)


These kits are not a lot more expensive than their standard equivalent..

Using this one as an example:

KW V3 for Mk5 R32: $2679.00 RRP

KW V3 Ultra Low for Mk5 R32: $2799 RRP

KW Camber Tops can also be purchased with the Ultra Low kit at the time of ordering for $599.00 RRP.

There is V1, V2 and V3 available. I strongly suggest only V3.


13-10-2012, 11:46 AM
One of our customers sent this pic in a while ago. I forgot to post it.. So here you go...


He actually raised it a little (about 5mm made all the difference apparently) after this, as it was "too low" for normal driving. That's right gentleladies and gentlemen, too low!

This particular car got quite the treatment. KW V3 Ultra Low, KW adjustable sway bars, SuperPro alloy control arms w/adjustable lower ball joints. He says it "handles like a gokart".

Cheers. :)