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DNA Tuning
10-06-2012, 09:33 AM
DNA Tuning Golf R/Audi S3 Tuning Information

Greetings VWWC'ers, over the last 12 months DNA Tuning Australia has been providing a range of quality ECU tuning options for the venerable VW Golf R and Audi S3 2L turbocharged engine.

In recent times, largely thanks to highly valued customers of ours who have spread the word on our tunes not only to their friends and family but also on various forums, there has been a significant number of enquiries that have come through requesting power figures and other general information.

Our headquarters in the UK have worked heavily on our Aussie Golf R tune, taking into account differences in general climate as well as fuel quality to produce a tune that optimises not just one, but all of the following areas:

Idle quality
Idle and part throttle fuel economy
Throttle response
Smooth torque curve/powerband
Strong peak power
Engine/turbocharger hardware protection

Whilst our advertised figures are similar to that of our competition, our results speak for themselves; no matter which Stage tuning option you opt for. Our off-the-shelf tunes are offered as follows:

DNA Tuning Programme Stages

Mild Stage 1 - 230kW/420Nm
This programme is designed for those who wish to retain a similar style of power delivery to factory. The emphasis this tune is to linearly enhance both mid range torque and peak power with smooth boost ramping rates.

Aggressive Stage 1 - 240kW/440Nm
This programme caters for the enthusiast who wishes to extract peak levels of performance from an otherwise stock/unmodified vehicle; compared to the Stage 1, a stronger mid range burst of power is made possible due to a more aggressive boost profile which extends a little further in the rev range than our mild option. We recommend a high flow downpipe upgrade for this level of performance but it is not compulsory.

Lucas_R's Golf R manual with our aggressive Stage 1 tune and downpipe made a respectable 204kW at the wheels in a recent dyno day as discussed here (http://www.vwwatercooled.org.au/forums/f20/dna-tuning-vw-golf-r-dyno-results-feedback-71468.html); comparing favourably against similarly modified vehicles running our competitor's tunes. We do not blindly increase target boost levels or fuel enrichments; this results in smoother, more linear power, whilst providing strong peak power figures.


Stage 2 - 250kW/450Nm
This programme is designed to be used with a turboback exhaust system. By removing the standard exhaust system's flow restrictions, the engine is now capable of stronger mid range torque without requiring any more mid range boost than our aggressive Stage 1 programme, and at the same time allows the turbocharger to spin more freely up over 5000rpm to achieve a slightly higher boost in the top end, without compromising efficiency bands of the turbo. High flow intake upgrades are also recommended at this level of performance.

Stage 3 - 260+kW/470+Nm
Our Stage 3 programme is designed for the true modding enthusiast who wishes to extract peak performance levels from the car without upgrading the turbocharger. Configured to command maximum achievable boost from the turbo from idle right up to 4000rpm, the result is an aggressive delivery of mid range torque; the turbocharger then sits on its limits of design efficiency all the way past 6000rpm before tapering off to prevent overspinning of the turbocharger. Compulsory modifications include turboback exhaust system, high flow/cold air intake, high flow/efficiency front mount intercooler and high flow fuel pump.

Also available is a valet tune with a lowered rev limiter and low boost for those situations when you have to leave your precious car with someone you don't trust!

DNA Tuning SRS-II Handheld Flashloader Bundle


Our upgrades for the Golf R can be delivered via a plain remap via your OBD port, or better yet, via our SRS-II handheld flashloader unit. Plain single-tune upgrades are offered at a competitive price of $730.

We offer the SRS-II with your choice of two tunes for just $880 + postage; with all products and services covered by a 14 day moneyback satisfaction guarantee.

The SRS-II is a sophisticated CE-compliant tuning tool that allows customers to take full control of their engine performance levels. Based on the Alientech Powergate system, the SRS-II takes a full backup of your original ECU software and stores up to 2 modified programmes.

This is ideal for those who are unsure of their upgrade plans; for those who currently have a stock or lightly modified car with future plans for higher staged levels of mods - no need to revisit your tuner or pay for a retune. Simply load on a Stage 1 tune for now, and later down the track load on the Stage 2 or 3 programme. Simple.

DNA Tuning Australia's Customer Service Guarantee

As a fellow car enthusiast, I am all too wary of mechanics, tuners and workshops who offer little to no aftersales support. Since 2008 when DNA Tuning Australia was born, I made a commitment to ensure that all enquiries, good or bad are dealt with in a responsible, friendly, informative and timely manner. It doesn't matter if your problems are unrelated to our products or services - we are here to help.

With several years of experience, both theoretical and hands on in ECU tuning and hardware modifications, I place great emphasis on full transparency of the inner workings of ECU tuning; to allow customers to understand how and why tuning works, how different companies take different approaches, and what that means for you and your car.

Backed by DNA Tuning UK's 30 years of ECU programming knowledge of European vehicles, we will have a solution for your needs, whatever they are.

25-06-2012, 09:55 AM
Happy customer right here :cool:

DNA have tuned both my Golf R and my brothers Octavia TDi - both with excellent results, good service and a competitive price.

Link to related thread in the tuning section: http://www.vwwatercooled.org.au/forums/f20/dna-tuning-vw-golf-r-dyno-results-feedback-71468.html

28-02-2013, 11:34 AM
Thought i'd better pop these results here to keep them together.

DNA Tuning Stage 3 results - Golf R:

After my previous result of 204kw/354nm (posted above) last year at the dyno day in Sydney, i took the Golf back to a local Newcastle dyno today to see how it was running with the new mods and tune.

Mod list:
- DNA Tuning stage 3 tune (boost was turned down a bit from normal stage 3 levels at my request)
- VW Racing intake
- 42DD resonated down pipe (ceramic coated)
- Autotech HPFP and Audi RS4 fuel rail valve
- THS style intercooler
- Neuspeed turbo discharge pipe
- BSH charge pipe
- DIY carbon clean done the week before

All mods installed by me.

Based off my previous dyno run, even though it was on a different dyno, I was hoping for about 210kw and 400nm....i got close with the kw but im a little off with the nm. The nm is no doubt at least partly due to the fact that i asked DNA to reduce the boost a little bit, so its now about 2PSI lower than normal.

I asked the operator to setup the readout the same as the dyno day, but the poor bugger struggled to give me what i got. Car was pretty consistent - it ran several 206kw, a 205kw and then the 208kw.


21-01-2014, 11:11 AM
Just updating this thread with another dyno sheet for my car. This is the DNA Tuning stage 3 tune, and the dyno machine is a Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno located at Advan/BMR Autowerks at Auburn, Sydney.

I took the car down to the BMR dyno day at the end of November and it made 211.7kw on their Dyno Dynamics dyno. When i had the car dyno'd earlier this year (see previous post) it made 208kw on a Mainline AWD machine - so it's pretty similar on both machines. The only changes i have made since the last dyno was a different intake setup, so the difference in figures is most likely just variance from one dyno to another.

You can also left foot brake with the DNA tune - something that i like to use occasionally, and not all tunes allow it.

For reference, at the same dyno day, my friends MK5 GTi with DNA stage 2 tune made 161.2kw - which is pretty much in line with DNA's quoted figures. The GTI has 110,000km's on it and has had a hard life with very little mechanical sympathy, so it did well considering.


DNA Tuning
29-01-2014, 06:03 AM
Nice results Lucas; good to see you are still enjoying the beast.

As an update to this thread for new visitors, our SRS-3 has been released, superseding the SRS-2. Similar to the previous versions of the SRS, it is based on the Alientech Powergate unit with customised software for DNA Tuning.

It features a full colour touchscreen interface, faster communication times and a few added diagnostic features.

10-05-2015, 07:15 PM
My stats with DNA Tunes Stage 1 Aggressive:

Stock with Volant CAI: 168.9 kW at wheels
DNA Stage 1 with Volant CAI: 190.6 kW at wheels
DNA Stage 1 with Volant CAI, SPM DP and HPFP: 221kW at wheels.

Stary's Scirocco R (http://www.vwwatercooled.com.au/forums/f35/starys-scirocco-r-96577-post1053688.html#post1053688)

15-05-2015, 10:06 PM
Well done mate - awesome result.

DNA Tuning
05-10-2015, 06:28 AM
My stats with DNA Tunes Stage 1 Aggressive:

Stock with Volant CAI: 168.9 kW at wheels
DNA Stage 1 with Volant CAI: 190.6 kW at wheels
DNA Stage 1 with Volant CAI, SPM DP and HPFP: 221kW at wheels.

Stary's Scirocco R (http://www.vwwatercooled.com.au/forums/f35/starys-scirocco-r-96577-post1053688.html#post1053688)

Excellent stuff!