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DNA Tuning
21-10-2010, 08:15 PM

DNA Tuning Introductory Special for Passat R36 ECU Upgrade

Following our introductory special for the 2.0T, I am pleased to present our DNA Tuning Passat R36 ECU Upgrade Program.

The R36's 3.6L "VR6" is restrained from the factory by the default tune loaded in its Bosch MED9.1.1 engine management system. Marketed as a sports car, it is inevitably designed also as a family car; as such, a variety of parameters, in particular the ignition timing curves have been very conservatively configured by default. This is good in scenarios where for instance the car is taken on long family trips out to the country where only lower quality, low octane petrol is available. Stock ignition timing curves in the low to mid range seem appropriate for 98RON petrol as VW specifies for the R36, but from the mid to high range, full advantage of the high octane petrol is not being utilised.

What does this mean? For us car enthusiasts who like to extract the most out of what we have, there is alot of power to be found simply through software upgrades for the R36. DNA Tuning have focused heavily on the R36 throughout late last year, placing themselves ahead of their competition by releasing an OEM-quality, potent ECU upgrade for the R36.

Designed for 98RON fuel, DNA Tuning's program increases peak power from 220kW to 235kW @ 6600rpm, combined with an increase in peak torque of 25Nm (to 375Nm). Whilst these figures represent only an improvement of 7%; this is impressive for a naturally aspirated vehicle. Throttle response is significantly sharpened up; and the engine is much more eager to keep pulling in the mid to top end of the rev range. Combined with exhaust upgrades to allow the large displacement engine to breathe easier, the VR6 is capable of achieving a peak output of approximately 240kW.

Units are in Nm and kW collected at the wheels.


This ECU upgrade is now available for the Australian market; these upgrades are elegantly performed via your vehicle's OBD port. Your original ECU data and ID information is safely backed up in our systems to allow reverting to original settings if and when required.

For customers in Melbourne; a free initial on-site appointment is provided - this appointment is 100% obligation and cost free. All questions are answered, and your ECU data is checked and backed up. A short list of terms and conditions is provided for you to review at your own leisure.

During this time, you can carefully review our terms and conditions; this document must be filled in and signed prior to receiving your upgrade. If you decide to proceed with the upgrade, your ECU data is then sent to DNA Tuning HQ in the UK where your ECU's identification and revision information is ported to the upgraded file. This ensures minimal detectability by your VW dealer.

At or prior to the final appointment, payment must be received in full and the signed terms and conditions form must be checked. An invoice is also provided to you. At this stage, the upgrade is carried out to your ECU, again via OBD port (a simple 10 minute process). Immediately following this, a test drive is carried out to verify smooth and correct engine operation.

A 14 day unconditional full money back satisfaction guarantee is provided from the date of the invoice; no questions are asked, and your ECU is 100% reversed to original settings.

Our special for the Passat R36 tune for VWWC users is $980(Normally $1180). Payment methods currently accepted are cash, bank cheque, PayPal, and Direct Deposit.

This deal is only valid until Dec 31st, 2010. Please make sure to book your car in for the upgrade prior to this date to take advantage of this special offer!

For interstate customers, alternative ECU upgrade methods are available; please contact me directly for further details.


DNA Tuning
15-11-2010, 10:11 AM
Just to add, DNA Tuning's SRS-II unit is compatible with the R36. I have had many enquiries regarding voided warranties and so on, and to purchase an optional SRS-II unit to allow map switching between stock/tuned would be the best option to eliminate this issue entirely.

It will be announced separately in a new thread as a VWWC-only offer, but the SRS-II unit/software will be provided at cost price when purchased with a tune. Just $260 on top on price of tune; you can thank the dropping GBP/growing AUD on that one!

11-11-2015, 01:49 PM
Hello John, I have a MY12.5 V6 Passat, was wondering if you have any information on tuning them? Potential power gains? Cost? Is it even possible?