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DNA Tuning
21-10-2010, 06:48 PM

DNA Tuning Introductory Special for MK V GTI/Jetta 2.0TFSI ECU Upgrade

I am pleased to announce our first special offer here on VWWC for MK V 2.0T owners.

DNA Tuning have long perfected the art of tuning Bosch MED9.1 engine management system used in the 2.0TFSI range through countless hours of rolling road dyno tuning and customer feedback; strictly adhering to the focus in delivering increased power and throttle response without sacrificing smoothness and drivability.

The result is a high quality tune that provides an increase from the standard 147kW of power to an impressive 183kW with an increase of 100Nm in peak mid range torque (380Nm). This is harnessed through careful adjustments to the turbocharger boost profile, along with optimised fuel maps and advanced ignition timing to make the most of premium unleaded fuel.

This ECU upgrade is optimised for 98RON high octane petrol; and is now available for the Australian market.


Our upgraded program is compatible for both DSG and manual models; these upgrades are elegantly performed via your vehicle's OBD port. Your original ECU data and ID information is safely backed up in our systems to allow reverting to original settings if and when required.

For customers in Melbourne; a free initial on-site appointment is provided - this appointment is 100% obligation and cost free. All questions are answered, and your ECU data is checked and backed up. A short list of terms and conditions is provided for you to review at your own leisure.

During this time, you can carefully review our terms and conditions; this document must be filled in and signed prior to receiving your upgrade. If you decide to proceed with the upgrade, your ECU data is then sent to DNA Tuning HQ in the UK where your ECU's identification and revision information is ported to the upgraded file. This ensures minimal detectability by your VW dealer.

At or prior to the final appointment, payment must be received in full and the signed terms and conditions form must be checked. An invoice is also provided to you. At this stage, the upgrade is carried out to your ECU, again via OBD port (a simple 10 minute process). Immediately following this, a test drive is carried out to verify smooth and correct engine operation.

A 14 day unconditional full money back satisfaction guarantee is provided from the date of the invoice; no questions are asked, and your ECU is 100% reversed to original settings.

Our special for the MK V GTI/Jetta 2.0TFSI for VWWC users is $730(Normally $880). Payment methods currently accepted are cash, bank cheque, PayPal, and Direct Deposit.

This deal is only valid until Dec 31st, 2010. Please make sure to book your car in for the upgrade prior to this date to take advantage of this special offer!

For interstate customers, alternative ECU upgrade methods are available; please contact me directly for further details.


DNA Tuning
30-10-2010, 08:08 PM
Just as an additional note for those who are wondering as I've received numerous enquirie about it; this promotional price of $730 applies to all 2.0TFSI + MED9 vehicles; this includes a range of other VW (ie. passat), Skoda, and Audi models. Essentially the entire range prior to the release of the latest generation such as the MK VI GTI.

DNA Tuning
19-11-2010, 08:05 AM
Updated original post with dyno plot due to several requests; figures shown were from development '05 MKV GTI running a BMC intake only. Figures are at wheels.

13-03-2012, 07:59 AM
Do you have a dealers in Sydney that can do this tune?