View Full Version : Kamiq Lemon

20-01-2022, 12:44 PM
My Kamiq LE is about 12 months old - I know because Skoda just sent an email congratulating me on the first 12 months but they have not been worth celebrating! The LE stands for lemon!
Within a month I started having issues with the ACC locking up. Returned to service and they reset the error codes.
Next month - same problem, same result.
Next month same problem - this time they realigned the ACC.
Then the Multimedia computer failed. Ordered parts. 5 weeks later they fitted the new parts then took 6 weeks to program it.
Acc locked up again and the central display in the dashboard went blank. Service replaced the power relay.
Acc locked up again Service loaded new software for the central electronics.
Acc locked up again. They are contacting tech support!
I wrote to SKODA Australia and asked for replacement under consumer protection legislation. They decided after 2 months that the problems were minor and sent me a fuel card as a consolation prize!
The good thing is I haven't needed to wash my car because every time it goes into the service department, they wash it for me. So 8 times they have washed it so far!