View Full Version : Polo MY21 85TSi Turbo dsg Serving Schedule and Tasks

05-12-2021, 11:33 AM
As our 11-month-old MY21 85TSi DSG Polo was approaching the due date for its first service I realised that, unlike the previous MY13 polo, there was no printed booklet with a service timeline and service task breakdown. The dealer told me it was “all digital now” and would automatically be recorded when they did the service.

I told the dealer that I would sometimes use my own local qualified mechanic to service the vehicle and wanted something printed or electronic that would detail when and what needed to be done to satisfy VW warranty conditions. Eventually I received a printout of the parts needed to be replaced at each service up to and including 180,000km.
In the meantime, I contacted VW Australia and also asked for a service timeline and service task detail for the Polo. VW head office sent me something quite different, namely a service schedule dated 2014 which appeared to be for a Touareg.

While at first glance the dealer printouts seemed complete, comparing them against the Touareg info from VW HO, it became clear that important things were missing. None of the 12 separate services of the dealer printouts up to 180,000km mentioned changes to:

DSG Gearbox oil
Haldex oil. (apparently not applicable-current dsg is a dry clutch I believe)
Pollen Filter
Engine coolant

From what I understand the DSG gearbox, which need to occur at about 40-60 thousand kms mark. Not sure about timing for the coolant. If neglected there can be incredibly expensive consequences with the DSG. The fact that the dealer printouts make no mention of these maintenance and they are not included in VW assured servicing package leaves me with little confidence about the information I received or about VW servicing.

All I want to achieve is to ensure that our car is maintained properly and to accord with VW warranty conditions.

Any suggestions about the best way forward?