View Full Version : Updating MY21 Polo GTI with new maps

09-03-2021, 08:13 PM
Hi all

Back in the VW fold after a few years away...

One of the cars is an MY21 Polo GTI, and when I checked, the maps (Navigation database version - 19.11, perhaps month 11, 2019), and when I go online, the Polo and Doscover Media offer a map update. This I have downloaded but when I put it in the USB-C port under the dash, nothing happens. Update software button just gives a blank screen as if waiting for files to be seen.

Has anyone else with a Discover unit and USB-C ports had this work? There's always a chance there is no update but I would have thought it would still see the files.

I tried the USB-C stick formatted to both NTFS and FAT32 and neither made a difference?

Any thoughts?