View Full Version : Metal Pedals Aw Series (Manual)

05-09-2019, 10:10 AM
Hi All,
Just taken delivery of my new MY19 Customline Black Manual with all packs available packs but looking in the accessories booklet there are metal pedals that will fit the DSG. However I want the manual set. My wife Skoda RS162kw has them and prefer them if I can. VW say there is none listed for this model (only the older series)

Any one found that the VW ones fit? part # 5G2064200 for manuals (same as Golfs)

Also another question, does the SD card need to stay in for the Nav to work? I took it out and the system says no maps so had to replace. Rather not have to occupy a SD slot always


05-09-2019, 10:33 AM
SD card has to be in one of the SD slot for Sat Nav maps to work

05-09-2019, 12:30 PM
Ok Thanks - Thought the head unit may have had a memory ( Manual refers to uploading) It just ties up one slot