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11-08-2019, 08:43 AM
Had a new set of Simmons Wheels fitted to my 2019 Polo GTI on Friday by Autocraze in Silverwater Sydney.

Below is my experience you judge if you would use them in the future.

As far as selection and purchase of wheels is concerned these people are great. But that is where it ends.

Firstly it took nearly 2 hours to fit 4 new wheels to my vehicle.
Half way through the process they told me the offset wouldn't fit. I got out my trusty calculator (there are scores of wheel calculators on the net) to explain, guess what they fitted perfectly.

After the job was done got home only to find they had failed to return all my OEM wheel nuts. A phone call was met with denial but after my persistence the missing bolt was found in the work shop. I was just told to come and get it. No apology or offer to send it to me.

Then found that after removing all the wheel studs the wheels were jammed on and could not be removed, multiple attempts were made by different people but they would not come off. There was no way a customer on the side of the road would be able to remove to fit the spare.

The vehicle was returned to AutoCraze (2 hour round trip for me). Again met with denial almost an accusing attitude from their management, all they could say was how they are the experts and nothing could be wrong. The car was jacked up in the car park to demonstrate. The assigned a mechanic to lookin to it. Management looked at the car after the mechanic took several minutes to pry the first wheel off. The mechanic assigned to the job had more good customer service skills than any of their management. The problem was identified as a faulty set of hub rings (too big, or too small depending on your point of view). All four wheels had to be pried of and one needed a fiber glass hammer (I have a rather surprising video of it). Eventually all the hub rings were replaced. After the fault was identified management was no where to be seen. Never monitored the progress on the job. At no point was I given any comforting assurance that the problem would be fixed to my satisfaction, just denial and barrage of how they know everything about wheels.

Usual story. All smiles and handshakes during the sale then after, don’t want to have anything to do with you.
On the AutoCraze web page they push the point that they guarantee perfect fit and that they are the experts.

Getting wheels from a good place is so hard these days.



P.S. The Wheels are 18x8 ET 36