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30-04-2019, 12:41 PM
The timing chain tensioner
revised 4 times by manufacturer, because it was failing to keep the timing chain from jumping the teeth on the cam resulting in engine destruction. The right thing to do would be to issue the recall and replace the tensioner inside the engine or at least update the ECU, so it would detect and set the check engine light off if the chain would start losing the tension. The out of timing cams will cause bent valves, possibly broken valve guides and has potential to damage the pistons.There is no warning when the tensioner fails and the damage happens instantly in fraction of second. Some engines may have a rattle on start up when starting cold engine in the morning, which many may overlook. Every 2.0L TSI engine from 2009-2013(4) in Golf6 GTI, Audi A3, A4, Octavia2 vRS that’s done 100,000km should have the timing chain tensioner inspected and replaced if found that you don’t have the latest revision, which is VW p/n 06K 109 467K