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DNA Tuning
04-05-2018, 09:35 PM
VWWC Members - 2018 Special - ECU & DSG Remaps

Thank you all for your support on this forum over the years. As a token of our appreciation we are pleased to announce a 2018-only special of across all of our VAG family ECU or DSG standard remaps over OBD port.

For an ECU remap we are pricing our special at $780 on a standard single remap over OBD port (Stage 1/2/3 to suit standard bolt-on upgrades).

For a DSG remap we are pricing our special at $580 on a standard single remap over OBD port (Stage 1/2).

DNA Tuning have long perfected the art of tuning VW's engine management systems through countless hours of tuning optimisations at DNA HQ and from customer feedback. As many of you may know, we focus heavily on delivering increased power and throttle response without sacrificing smoothness and drivability.

The result is that our high quality tunes provide noticeable improvements on standard factory power outputs and typically with not only an increase in peak mid range torque but a much broader powerband.

For turbocharged petrol models, this is achieved via careful adjustments to the turbocharger boost profile, along with optimised fuel maps, throttle maps, and advanced ignition timing to extract the most performance possible, and at the same time providing small but tangible improvements to day to day fuel economy.

For turbocharged diesel models, we again apply tweaks to the turbocharger boost profile, and also to diesel injection and timing maps to achieve similar outcomes.

For naturally aspirated petrol models, the raw gains in power and torque are less significant in terms of pure percentage gains, however our tunes (such as for the Passat R36), in addition to ignition timing advancements and fuel map tweaks, iron out flat spots in acceleration throughout the rev range, and remove some of the throttle filtering delays to provide a more rewarding overall driving experience.

We have extensive experience several engine families, including but not limited to:

3.2 FSI
3.6 FSI
Variety of DSG Transmissions

Some of the above ECU families can be optioned with our SRS3 handheld flashloader which features a colour touchscreen and ability to store and switch between multiple tunes and stock. SRS3's and additional tunes are priced separately.

Please enquire with us via PM or email to info@dnatuning.com.au for specific information and options on tunes for your vehicle, even if your engine is not in one of the listed families above.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

John & Andre.
DNA Tuning Australia