View Full Version : DSG grinding noise

14-02-2017, 07:45 PM

My DSG makes a grinding noise (i.e. when driving a manual and don't push in the clutch far enough when changing).
It happens when driving away from stand still (hot engine) at i.e. traffic light and changes from 1st to 2nd,
I guess it's the prep of the 3rd gear.
It happens about once or twice on a drive of say 40 min, mainly after 30 min.

I brought it into the VW/Skoda service and the mechanic thought he knew what it was,
they did something (clutch pack?) but issue is still there so back next week.

They say it's not a problem, but I need to be assured it doesn't wear anything.

I recorded the noise here:

Has anyone heard about this problem?