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29-04-2015, 11:20 PM
Here's a very quick teaser video of our upcoming 3.2" MFD Upgrade for Mk5 Golf.


The screen is installed into your existing dash fascia (without modifying the cluster electronics at all) and is fully integrated into the CANBus network in the car. Everything you can do on the standard MFD is available on our upgraded display - plus a whole lot more.

Multiple data pages are toggled using the standard multi-function steering wheel buttons; in our teaser you can see our standard display mode as well as a track/sport mode with digital tachometer and shift lights.

Our upgraded display even presents a full-screen car graphic when you open doors or the boot/bonnet.

As you can see we're still refining the layouts and ironing out bugs, and we plan to have this MFD Upgrade ready for sale later in 2015.

If anyone is interested in more information just ask - or if you're in Canberra we'd be happy to show you what we're up to in person!

18-06-2015, 10:24 PM
We've been absolutely flat out the last few months working on this MFD upgrade, which now has a name: Conrod.

Conrod is a small hardware device that connects into most recent VAG cars and is capable of running a huge range of apps directly in your car, from fuel loggers and GPS vehicle tracking through to apps for this fantastic 3.2" colour display.


The display is available as a stand-alone (mount anywhere in your car using GoPro mounting points), or with custom a fascia to integrate into Mk5 and Mk6 Golf (and related model) dash clusters.

Pre-orders on Kickstarter will open in the next 2 weeks, and for early bird backers Conrod + Display (+ mount or custom fascia) costs $650 inc GST, shipped Australia-wide. Without the display (you use an iPhone or Android device to configure the device) Conrod starts at $250 inc GST.

We're having a launch BBQ here in Canberra on Sunday June 28 at Northside European in Mitchell - everyone is welcome to come down, grab a feed and some free beer and check out the Conrod device and MFD upgrade in person. Head over to our Facebook Event page and let us know you'll be coming so we can buy enough beer! https://www.facebook.com/events/953827147990131/

If you can't make the BBQ you can check us out online - http://getrod.com.

06-08-2017, 01:55 PM
Are you guys still offering this?