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  1. Welcome Aussie Eos Owners
  2. Eos Advert 'Monkey'
  3. Baby capsule for back seats of Eos
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  5. Consumer crash testing of Eos
  6. Auto Bild test 335i, A4, C70, Eos 3.2
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  10. Things i'am almost too ashamed to admit on a public forum
  11. Map your Eos
  12. Latest Wheels Test - Eos vs Twintop vs Megane CC
  13. ABT Mods availability in Aus
  14. Solution to torque steer
  15. Insurance costs on the Eos
  16. Any Aussie Eos drivers want to get on this forum?
  17. Three weeks and 1500km.
  18. The Eos has landed
  19. Delivered and driving
  20. Krytox
  21. Mad 520Nm diesel-powered VW Eos
  22. Has my Eos been lowered?
  23. Eos wins a Gold star from Wheels
  24. Eos with updated TDI 170HP motor?
  25. After my first week of Eosness
  26. Ok - so who's is it???
  27. New Eos Ad
  28. Eos wins Convertible of the year
  29. To Chip, or not to Chip?
  30. Manual or DSG
  31. New Eos
  32. Eos Bluetooth
  33. I just can't believe ...
  34. Brake Upgrade
  35. MY09 Production
  36. Power Steering grinding noise
  37. Folding Mirrors - please try
  38. dealer wont disclose Radio Pin Number
  39. Anyone waiting for a United Grey EOS
  40. Tinting in Melbourne for eos ?
  41. Tyre Noise
  42. MY09 RCD510 SD card read problems
  43. Cant get the DVD or TV to work on my EOS.
  44. Finally - Ordered Today
  45. I think they're mating in Perth
  46. Any word on updated Eos
  47. Eos Images
  48. having problems trusting my dealer
  49. Squeaky!
  50. Through loading aperture
  51. What should I look for?????
  52. Lights Upgrade
  53. Pick up wifes new Eos on Thursday :-)
  54. Eos Drive Away Prices
  55. New Eos owner :)
  56. New Eos - bluetooth options
  57. Great Ocean Road Cruise
  58. Krytox Lube for roof and door seals
  59. Shopping for my Eos, looking for help (offers :-)
  60. Where to go for warranty repairs ?Mel.
  61. quad exhuast for Eos
  62. smart top module
  63. HID upgrade anyone?
  64. Eos DSG Recall Letter
  65. Where to buy VAG COM?
  66. Six months to go......
  67. Eos New Image
  68. Roof Failure
  69. buyers beware - sport suspension
  70. Hi there (2009 eos blk) oil question
  71. Thinking about an Eos...
  72. No action here for a while -
  73. Time to say goodbye
  74. VW Eos "Individual" Lowered Spings
  75. October Eos Upgrade.
  76. 2011 Eos Facelift Revealed
  77. New Eos revealed in LA
  78. Attention QLD Eos owners!!!
  79. Why I love my Eos
  80. Current model Eos and 2.0T engine
  81. perth WA drive..
  82. My Eos TDI manual gearbox failed
  83. VW Assist Renewal notice
  84. Will be looking at a used Eos next week
  85. Alpine IXA-W407EBT fitted to my Eos
  86. phaeton's Trip to the Dealer Eos (facelift) Edition
  87. Volkswagen Eos Model Year (MY) 2012 Changes
  88. Service costs
  89. German Car Day - Northam
  90. How much did you pay for your NEW eos?
  91. Fatmir's Bagged Eos!
  92. Silver window trim on Eos...how to get clean???
  93. Eos Pre-purchase: VCDS error log advice
  94. Advice needed - RHS rear window glass alignment
  95. Cyclical drone form front end - starts at 90kph, increases as speed goes up
  96. Autopolar FIS+ Install in EOS
  97. VW Eos to be replaced by Golf CC
  98. Rotor sizes
  99. SD card 2008 EOS
  100. Out with the old and in with the new
  101. 2012 155kw EOS Brake Pads
  102. VCDS codes 2.0(t)FSI and rough idle on start up, no cold AC etc
  103. Help requested about fitment of 19 inch wheels
  104. Boot capacity
  105. Hoping to Join the Eos Family Soon
  106. Project EOS
  107. ABS module woes
  108. Fuel type is it 95 or 98?
  109. Upgrade headunit and rear camera