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  1. Helpful info fo the MkV
  2. VAG-COM scanning, who can help
  3. Passat Coding changes
  4. MkVI Coding
  5. Mk6 GTI VCDS ( VAG-COM ) codes
  6. Mk3 12v vr6 vcds adaptation channels
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  8. Welcome to the VCDS Forum
  9. MY10 Multivan (or Transporter)
  10. VCDS and my VW
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  12. VCDS Rolling Diameter adjustment
  13. What can you do with VCDS on a Skoda 90TSI
  14. Cable from ebay
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  16. No response from controller - don't know what to do
  17. Meaningful VCDS measured values
  18. VCDS For 6R Polo (primarily GTI)
  19. 9wz Error Code - any suggestions welcomed
  20. Ran a VCDS scan on my Skoda need a couple of things clarified.
  21. Is it worth the $10
  22. ECU Mileage check
  23. Coolant Temperatures
  24. Golf R - Auto Scan - Fault Codes
  25. Help Needed: Ross-Tech Canbus Coding (Wyong NSW Area)
  26. VCDS programming help Brisbane
  27. Fault code
  28. T5 Seat belt warning
  29. Can Gateway Fault Code?!
  30. Boot only unlock
  31. VCDS label file for GT TDI engine, BMN 125kW/170PS
  32. VAGCOM canbus coding in melbourne (help)
  33. ODB refresh rate
  34. $50 cash if you can code in my 9wZ - will come to you MELB
  35. T5.2 Steering wheel controller
  36. RNS-510 help
  37. Cash for coding... RCD510 - Ill drive to you ( Wollongong prefered )
  38. VCDS & Date Fault First Occurred?
  39. Slightly drop windows to assist with door closure? Similar to Audi??
  40. VCDS help in canberra
  41. ELSA Win
  42. VCDS on MK4
  43. VCDS coding to enable parker light operation in MK6 Xenon headlamps??
  44. VCDS not talking to Air Con Controller - 2005 T5 van
  45. Code 0003 for t5 Multivan Air conditioning control module help!!!!
  46. Looking to borrow a VCDS Cable
  47. VCDS cable from VagDiagnostics.com for AU$121 shipped
  48. WA - VCDS coding help in Perth
  49. I can't get my B6 Passat to beep when i lock/unlock it.
  50. Anybody need help VCDS in Canberra?
  51. Anyone need coding help in Sydney?
  52. VAG CAN PRO anyone got it?
  53. License plate lights monitoring - can it be disabled via VCDS?
  54. Coming/Leaving light fade
  55. Re coding canbus errors
  56. VCDS changes - does VW service know?
  58. Alternative to VCDS?
  59. VCDS coding help for RNS510 Nav & Bluetooth
  60. Need help for re coding
  61. VCDS scan
  62. MY12 Tiguan vs RNS510 mystery...
  63. Suggestions for diagnostics? (internals) (TDI)
  64. VCDS who can help. Link to the other thread.
  65. VCDS Help needed - MY11 Octavia vRS - Reset Controller 9??
  66. Fiscon Basic Plus causing RNS510/Bluetooth problems ? VCDS error.
  67. VCDS Help
  68. OBDII Cable for VCDS help
  69. Interesting device under development at RossTech
  70. Will a wifi OBDII unit provide Supercharge and Turbo , live feed?
  71. Interior Light Error Code from LED's
  72. Proper VCDS coding for 9w7 BT install into an RCD510 equipped 04/11 6R Polo?
  73. 77TSI possible to disable Hill Hold Assist?
  74. MK6 GOLF DRL's
  75. Help needed re Activating terminal 58d via VCDS for LED dome lights in Tiguan
  76. VAGCOM cable needed in Sydney this week for a quick scan
  77. where to get VCDS/Ross tech cable
  78. B7 Passat Amateur coding... Any Tips?
  79. Checking correct timing belt installation in VCDS on MK4 Golf
  80. Memoscan U600 fault reader
  81. Coding in Melbourne?
  82. Coding in Adelaide?
  83. VCDS Scan from a B7 Passat with Driver Assistance and Vis Package please
  84. Guide for VCDS coding for RVC retrofit
  85. Need help with RNS510 coding
  86. DRL Functions
  87. Updated Can Gateway from 1K0 907 530 F to 1K0 907 530 AD still draining battery!?
  88. Could anyone code an MDI for me please? VIC - Eastern suburbs.
  89. Help needed in Brisbane
  90. VCDS for Preinstalled Dynaudio - Swap RCD to RNS
  91. Installing used ECM Immob 3
  92. 2011/12 Octavia RS VCDS scan
  93. Coding for RNS510 & optical sensors
  94. Coding in Sydney
  95. VCDS coding in Tasmania for RNS510 and Bluetooth Retrofit (Tas)
  96. vag-com Sydney help
  97. DSG Reset
  98. Sydney: VAG-COM assistance please.
  99. VCDS (HEX CAN) in melbourne (near eltham-ringwood)
  100. Audi Q5 - 8R, but scanning 8T?
  101. Audi Q3 engine stop/start function
  102. VAGCOM for Skoda RS MY10
  103. VAG Diagnostics Cable and ROSS Tech
  104. Registered VCDS Lite
  105. Perth: VCDS (Micro-CAN or Hex-CAN) Help Required
  106. MELB - Help Needed! RCD500-RCD510 Coding/Canbus Update.
  107. VCDS In Melbourne
  108. Anyone willing to help in Melbourne west suburbs
  109. Need help....
  110. Auto-Scan Fault Codes
  111. Auto Lights - Sensor Light Level Setting with VCDS???
  112. hex can in sydney? wednesday?
  113. 7P Touareg Trailer Hitch Coding with VCDS
  114. Need helps in Brisbane
  115. Mk5 fog lights as drl?
  116. Shops that Sell genuine VCDS in Aus?
  117. Auto-Scan Not Completing
  118. VCDS Errors - What do they mean?
  119. Installing in radio a Mk5 Jetta?
  120. Last 2 errors - can someone help me
  121. MKIV Bora 2.0 Code Help
  122. MY11 Polo XDS Strength (Channel 36 not available)
  123. T5 Transporter - Cabin Lights and RNS510 Delay Off Period
  124. No Display on MFD for Sat Nav?
  125. Vagcom Help
  126. Reverting from Golf R LED Tail Lights to Stock Halogen (GTI MK6 MY2011.5)
  127. Tiguan Indirect TPMS
  128. Newcastle/ central coast area vagcom help
  129. ABF 16V Help
  130. anyone with VAGCOM /VCDS in Newcastle area?
  131. Change DVD region on RNS510
  132. ACT VCDS help ? can anyone?
  133. Tiguan Haldex Malfunction .. VCDS test help !
  134. VCDS help inner west
  135. Any member in Sydney with Vag-Com willing to help?
  136. What am I doing wrong??
  137. ABS Long code needed
  138. VCDS shows error10812 - Functional Restriction due to Pressure Drop
  139. VCDS coding for RCD510 and RVC in Brisbane
  140. Fault code 01089
  141. VCDS Outer Est Melb Required
  142. RNSE Coding for Audi S3 8P 2010
  143. Anyone in Melbourne able to do a VCDS on my Golf
  144. Anyone in west melbourne have a vag com i can use?
  145. VIC - Looking for HEX+CAN to disable Touch Adapter on Polo 6R
  146. VagCom help in the Gold Coast and Brisbane Area.
  147. VCDS / VAGCOM coding or cable for RCD510 anyone available in Adelaide?
  148. Help please - Brisbane
  149. vcds programming tasmania?
  150. VCDS Lite Error in Remote Control Key adaptation.
  151. Need VAGCOM, Liverpool Area! Please!
  152. Anyone in Perth willing to help me with tweaking my car?
  153. VCDS coding in melbourne
  154. Coding of 3AA 614 109 AF ABS module for TPMS
  155. Snap-on scanner x VCDS
  156. Code Errors - big deal?
  157. How do I activate Phone and Star Buttons on my mk5 Golf? (RNS and 9W7 installed)
  158. Fault code 590081 - Control Circuit for A/C Compressor
  159. VCDS Warranty Effect
  160. VCDS BRISBANE - lights coding
  161. Unticked in Installation list but still in Auto Scan
  162. VCDS help Inner-west Sydney
  163. Anyone East of Melb (gippsland area or nearby) with VCDS I could use to check codes?
  164. eBay VAG COM to work on Win7 and Win8
  165. Code out Touch Adapter on my Polo. HELP PLEASE
  166. Original gateway long code long. new gateway longcode short ?
  167. Golf 4 Engine Fault Code Explanation - System Too Lean
  168. Vcds - fault code with telephone (77) driving me nuts
  169. Vcds coding in Brisbane South
  170. Label file to 5G0 035 045
  171. need vcds help with BT and OPS!! Errors galore!!
  172. VAG-COM assistance please
  173. vag com help for engine warning light.
  174. VAG-COM purchasing advice please?
  175. Anyone in Quakers Hill, Blacktown 2763 have a vagcom to scan my car?
  176. VCDS scanning help in Melbourne's East
  177. What do I need ? VCDS Software and Cable
  178. New VCDS - Any forums or help to change coding
  179. Golf 6 R - Auto Headlights & Coming/Leaving Home - Not working
  180. Code changed but the function doesn't work
  181. Code parking lights as coming home/leaving
  182. VCDS needed for MDI activation (RCD510) Nr greensborough
  183. QLD - Help with disabling TPMS - 2006 Passat V6, Brisbane.
  184. qld brisbane area help
  185. vcds coding help - sydney - 2012 passat B6 ?
  186. URGENT HELP - Buying Passat but has VCDS ERROR
  187. VAG-COM for 5C 118TSI beetle will it work with this model and have full functionality
  188. VCDS Mobile
  189. VCDS in Melb West (Altona)
  190. VCDS in Ballarat VIC
  191. VCDS help required in Canberra ACT
  192. VCDS and Polo Media Centre - USB Ports
  193. VCDS Coding in Melbourne!
  194. VCDS coding in Brisbane
  195. Switch off screen (after 10 seconds) programming
  196. VCDS or VAG COM
  197. Memory seats tweak - Easy Access
  198. anyone in Melbourne that can help retrieve SKC?
  199. Cold Lamp Issue
  200. borrow hex-can cable
  201. Programming problems
  202. How to remove all safety features?
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  204. Which VCDS product
  205. VCDS gold coast
  206. VAG CAN PRO Diagnostics - VCDS competition - What can be done with it
  207. New VAG-COM user - needing a little advice
  208. VCDS - Problem connecting to Bluetooth Controller 9W7
  209. Rear spoiler activation
  210. Melbourne - vag tacho
  211. VCDS Gold Coast
  212. tiguan tdi throttle valve adaption on Vag Com..
  213. VCDS help needed(Shellharbor)
  214. Recording telemetry from CAN bus / funky stuff with VCDS?
  215. Amarok VCD's coder Required
  216. DWA comfirm
  217. Coding DRLs on a Tiguan
  218. vag com rental nearby/ central west NSW
  219. VCDS - Sydney City
  220. Driver Assist Package Added Functionality Possible via Software Update?
  221. New Ross-Tech User
  222. OBDEleven - The new kid on the block!
  223. VCDS gold coast
  224. Vag Com not working since upgrade to Win 10 (not sure why)
  225. Any one dare to get a VCDS with HEX-NET Professional USB & WiFi Interface
  226. HEX-NET : When too much VCDS is never enough!!
  227. VCDS - Perth, WA
  228. Wonder if this would work with Rosstech program
  229. VCDS coding in Brisbane
  230. Activating phone button on steering wheel
  231. Coding Westafilia towing. Harness
  232. Urgent VCDS
  233. Check bulb light
  234. MY16 Polo VCDS Modules
  235. RNS 510-2010 EOS-Cant connect iPhone6
  236. Comfort mirror folding for RHD cars with Gen4 door controllers
  237. VW Amarok OBD2 monitoring & missing PIDs
  238. Golf R Fault Codes - CAN Gateway
  239. Looking for some VCDS coding assistance in East Melbourne
  240. Coding help wanted Melbourne
  241. camshaft position sensor short to ground
  242. Help with coding please
  243. Four Keys; Two Cars
  244. New Ross Tech cable: HEX-V2
  245. Recomendation for inexpensive code reader
  246. Accessing cameras via coding
  247. Returning to Adelaide - VCDS help
  248. vw golf mk7 R Sounderkater
  249. VCDS In Melbourne? :)
  250. VCDS mod suggestions for James Bond's new VW