Electric sliding doors standard on all Multivans

Volkswagen’s class-leading Multivan Comfortline short- and long-wheelbase now come standard with electric side sliding doors and power latching tailgate.

Already the most practical 7-seat people mover on the market, Multivan is now also the handiest – which is to say you hardly have to use your hands to effect entry or egress.

The necessarily heavy side sliding doors can be operated via buttons on the remote key or the dashboard. The move is certain to increase appeal the Multivan’s family appeal.

Sensors mounted along the full height of the sliding doors recognise any obstacle and return the door to opening position.

“Electric sliding doors standard across the range is something you won’t get in the Mercedes-Benz Valente, Kia Carnival or Hyundai iMax,” Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicles Director Carlos Santos said.

Standardisation of this key-selling point means a price rise that covers the cost of the doors and the power latching tailgate as an option.

“Our buyers redefined the price point,” Mr Santos said. “They all wanted electric sliding doors, were queueing up to pay the optional cost, but they didn’t like having to wait for their order.

“We’ve removed that imposition. With standard electric sliding doors the waiting period for Multivan is drastically reduced.”

Other standard features unique to the Multivan include captain chairs up front as opposed to the buckets in rival people movers.

Key options include:

  • Multi-function table with storage space and four cup holders
  • Child booster seats integrated in the second row swivel seats
  • Voice control and electronic voice amplification

Multivan SWB Comfortline TDI340 7 Spd DSG         $52,990
Multivan LWB Comfortline TDI340 7 Spd DSG         $57,990
Multivan Highline TDI450 7 Spd DSG                          $79,890
Multivan Highline TDI450 7 Spd DSG 4Motion         $83,390
Multivan LWB Executive TDI450 7 Spd DSG              $83,390


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