Here it is! Volkswagen RX Sweden has unveiled the new Polo RX Supercar for the World Rallycross Championship. The Swedish team, an amalgamation of Marklund Motorsport and Volkswagen Team Sweden, has based the livery of the car on the colours of the Swedish flag: a lot of blue with some yellow elements. Visually, the new Rallycross car is reminiscent of the Polo R WRC, with which Volkswagen has enjoyed great success in the World Rally Championship.

Johan Kristoffersson and Anton Marklund, who line up with the Polo RX Supercar in the 2016 World Rallycross Championship, were impressed by the livery on their new ‘company car’. “It’s simple, nice, and at the same time aggressive,” said Marklund. Kristoffersson, who finished third overall in 2015, said: “The new car looks awesome. I really like it, and am proud to have my name on it.”

The team worked hard over the winter in Boliden to ensure that the Polo’s performance lives up to its new look, and to be ideally prepared for the first round of the season in Portugal (16th – 17th April). Incidentally, Kristoffersson has fond memories of Montalegre: it was there that he laid the foundation for last year’s successful season with victory in the season-opener.




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