The Volkswagen Jetta 118TSI and the Polo GTI are the most affordable vehicles to own in their class according to the NRMA’s Car Operating Cost survey.

Volkswagen’s hip-pocket-friendly Jetta 118TSI manual is the least expensive car to own and run in the medium car category under $50,000. While the petite and powerful Polo GTI three-door came out on top in the hot hatch under $80,000 category.

With a fuel consumption figure of just 6.5l/100km, NRMA calculated that the Jetta costs just $34.69 per week on fuel and its total weekly running costs coming in at $175.78.

The Polo GTI will set drivers back less than $170.00 per week, thanks to a combined fuel consumption of 6.1/100km and an average weekly fuel bill of just $32.56.

NRMA compared Australia’s most comprehensive list of new vehicles in its Car Operating Cost survey. The formula takes into account the negotiated vehicle price, depreciation, opportunity interest, registration, comprehensive insurance, NRMA membership, maintenance and repairs and fuel over a five-year period.

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  1. Guess they don’t take into consideration the amount of oil that needs to be refilled and the cost in time to take the vehicle back to the dealers on a regular basis to get the new car fixed.

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