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Wolfsburg, 04 August 2011 – Volkswagen is rolling out a new campaign under its “Think Blue.” initiative. Starting on August 5, the company will be launching a TV spot plus print ads in Germany to transmit its message about sustainable mobility and provide inspiration for individual, eco-friendly action. “‘Think Blue.’ forms part of our efforts to convey this message and to motivate people to join in. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of becoming the greenest automaker. Our products and this campaign demonstrate we have what it takes to achieve that,” Luca de Meo, Director of Marketing, Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, explained.

With “Think Blue.” Volkswagen is addressing how individual mobility and sustainable action can be harmonized. That not only includes developing eco-friendly products and technologies as well as resource-efficient production methods. With “Think Blue.” Volkswagen is also seeking to heighten public awareness for sustainable action. Back in February 2010, “Think Blue.” became the umbrella for Volkswagen’s activities relating to sustainability. The long-term project has been rolled out in more than 30 markets. “Our new ‘Think Blue.’ campaign aims to attract even more attention, because ‘Think Blue.’ thrives on the dialog with our customers and the integration of their ideas,” de Meo commented.

The TV spot creates a symphony on sustainability using the unusual presentation technique of “music painting”. The spot tells the story of fuel efficiency at Volkswagen, from “Think Small” to “Think Blue.” Product and technology highlights from the recent past, present and future are drawn on a sheet of music accompanied by a contemporary cover version of the Beach Boy’s classic “Wouldn’t it be nice”. The new spot already debuted in Australia on July 1. The German premier will be followed by the launch in other European countries and on other continents before the end of this year. The various print ads also provide a creative presentation of the company’s approach to sustainability.

The website at www.volkswagen.com/thinkblue went online on May 23. Visitors to the website can learn more about ecological sustainability, pick up fuel-saving tips or discover the global “Think Blue. Projects”, one of which is the “Fun Theory”, which is based on the idea that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.

About “Think Blue.”

The name “Think Blue.” picks up the thread of the legendary “Think Small” slogan of the 1960s which highlighted the way the Volkswagen Beetle democratized mobility. Going forward, Volkswagen intends to maintain its pioneering role of making efficient and sustainable mobility accessible to everyone.

That includes environmental technologies such as the fuel-saving BlueMotion Technologies and electro-mobility as well as new mobility concepts such as the “Quicar” car sharing project and the “Think Blue. Factory.” concept for low-emission automobile production.

Above all, though, “Think Blue.” is about joining up with customers and everyone else interested in a change of mindset towards sustainable mobility. There is a fun approach, for example, to raising awareness of a fuel-saving driving style.

“Think Blue.” also covers numerous cooperation projects with environmental organizations. These projects cater for the different demands on ecological sustainability in different countries: Actions in Mexico aim at preventing soil erosion, while initiatives in South Africa focus on protecting biodiversity. In Germany, the long-standing cooperation with NABU was honored with this year’s International Sponsoring Award as a successful example of credible and sustainable cooperation in the environmental field.

Information for newsdesks:

The “Think Blue. Symphony” TV spot is being launched on several German TV channels on August 5; length: 30, 45 and 60 seconds; agency: Creative Shop 515, Milan; music: cover version of “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys (1966); singer: Tiziano Lamberti.

The “Think Blue.” website www.volkswagen.com/thinkblue went online on May 23; agency: DDB Tribal, Hamburg; languages: English, German, French, Spanish; content: information on “Think Blue.” itself, international projects and initiatives under “Think Blue.” (“Blue Projects”) and fuel-saving tips. went

The “Think Blue.” print campaign will be published in the business, knowledge, automobile, lifestyle and TV sections of journals and magazines as well as supra-regional daily newspapers in Germany; agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg.

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