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Today 12:09 PM
 Tiguan MY18 Updates / Spec Changes did some digging and found that MY18 specs for Tiguan have just been... (36,380 views, 237 replies)
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Today 12:04 PM
 The Official "I have ordered/received my new MK7 Golf" Thread
Had planned on the sunroof but changed my mind after a lot of consideration. Chosen the Oryx Hatch. (434,306 views, 2,014 replies)
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Today 11:53 AM
 That dreaded sound.....
know what you mean. there used to be a thread on here i think with examples of our extreme defensive parking, like other side of the whole car park! (130 views, 5 replies)
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Today 11:30 AM
 Adelaide: Monthly Coffee & Drive Meet - Discussion Thread
Yes cruise is still on tomorrow. Weather looks like it should be nice too. Hopefully should be a good turn-out. (120,367 views, 1,766 replies)
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Today 10:42 AM
 Mk7 Golf R Discussion Thread
I have a look around. Audison do a Golf Mk7 upgrade kit. Audison Prima - APSP G7 And add the Sub Audison Prima - APBX G7 And this is better than the Dynaudio. I have been quote $3200... (818,012 views, 3,809 replies)
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Today 09:48 AM
 T4 Caravelle
Hi - we have had 2.5 TDI Caravelle for several years and could not fault it - good solid motor . But as the previous post said avoid the auto's (ours is about cost me $$$) Sent from my iPad... (84 views, 3 replies)
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Today 09:48 AM
 VRS Wagon on Eibach Springs?
Here's mine on eibach sportiness, approx 30mm drop (298 views, 5 replies)
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Today 09:26 AM
 Replacing RNS 510 with RCD 330+
Yes the RCD330G just needs a composite signal so any aftermarket camera should work. The OEM cameras connect to the RCD510/RNS510 with RGBS. (13,512 views, 111 replies)
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Umai Naa!!
Today 09:03 AM
 One month service/check up from dealership
Also give you an opportunity to have any immediate concerns addressed. The whole thing isn't endorsed by Skoda, but it.comes.out of the dealers pocket. (76 views, 4 replies)
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Today 07:37 AM
 rentaspace's 2013 103TDI progress thread
Unlikely the car will be cruising at a lower RPM due to mods. RPM while crusing is based on gearing/transmission. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk (2,148 views, 29 replies)
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Today 01:41 AM
 Mk2 Tiguan VCDS Tweaks
I made changes to the same modules as you a while back, the way I got it to work without changing any current settings was to add Tagfahrlicht to Lichtfunktion C on those 4 modules. That way if you... (19,368 views, 125 replies)
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Today 12:53 AM
 Tiguan Adventure
And it looks good only in bright sun. I have it on my Tig, and never ever will take it again. (233 views, 4 replies)
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Yesterday 11:13 PM
 Obdeleven - oopsie!!!
i did go through the history but i didnt know about the car history. ill give that a go! thanks for the tip (142 views, 4 replies)
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Yesterday 11:05 PM
 Golf Alltrack
I see.... or hear. Don't think my border collie is super keen on the sub under his ass, he may like this idea. (43,714 views, 301 replies)
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
 DSG: Problems, Questions, Likes and Dislikes
So my wife's 2012 90TSI with the 7spd DSG (DQ200), which we don't own anymore but is still within the family, has just had a transmission oil leak and reportedly mechatronics failure. I had the... (253,932 views, 1,172 replies)
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
 Sam's build thread
So I've crunched some numbers to work out if my WI nozzle will flow the correct amount of water. I've been checking in on a few interesting threads on and the general consensus is... (7,908 views, 179 replies)
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Yesterday 08:41 PM
 Pre-ordering facelift Octavia RS 169TSI
Just ring up a few and find out. You will never know. I tried almost every dealer in NSW and ended with the one who willing to budge the most, c. 6%. :) (1,528 views, 32 replies)
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Yesterday 08:15 PM
 Traffic Jam Assist
Received my ODB11 today and ran a scan, also seeing same results as Sharp, did enable ALG and the option is visible in the menus now, lets hope Dons suspicions are not correct to get TJA enabled �� (9,546 views, 149 replies)
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Yesterday 07:55 PM
 GTI Edition 40 / Clubsport Thread
Was driving back home on Sunday after playing. Saw a red 40Y VW40YR rolling from Ingleburn towards Campbelltown. Could tell it was a DSG running in sport mode with the gear changes. I like the... (72,179 views, 537 replies)
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Yesterday 07:43 PM
 Pomponazzi 880xx paint protection
That would be great it will help all the others trying to wade through the process as its vry confusing to be sure Now we just need someone with a fresh opticoat to do the same and we will have... (1,815 views, 42 replies)
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