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Today 07:34 PM
 OBDEleven - The new kid on the block!
Their web site says something about not licensed in Australia yet, so the store wonít allow it to download. Hence when you get the physical device delivered to you, there is a link that comes with it... (35,286 views, 70 replies)
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Today 07:32 PM
 Maps update
I give up!!!! Have tried twice at home on my "fast" ADSL2 broadband connection (3.5mbps :() each one taking 20+ hours to complete. Both failed when unzipping with errors. Tried 3 times at work... (3,786 views, 44 replies)
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Today 07:27 PM
 Mk7 Golf R Discussion Thread
32628 32629 (900,283 views, 4,219 replies)
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Today 07:27 PM
 VCDS (VAG-COM) codes and programmable options for Golf Mk7
One more question; What’s the long coding for disabling the overtaking in the left car slows down when I merge into traffic, and won’t go past a slow moving car iif it’s in the outside... (775,500 views, 1,439 replies)
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Today 07:17 PM
 Plastic trims
Assuming he means the strip above the VW badge at the tip of the bonnet that stretches the width of the car? (34 views, 2 replies)
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Big Bug
Today 07:07 PM
 Jonno's Build
With that conversion I would hope it comes with folding side steps or at least a step ladder to access the inside !! Donít think my wife would be too happy either but a couple of extra steps may... (448 views, 16 replies)
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Today 07:03 PM
 Hi all
Welcome Aboard Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk (15 views, 1 replies)
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Today 06:59 PM
 Tiguan Trailer Hitch Wiring - Help Needed
Hope someone can clue me up on this a bit more. I have a kit 5N2055204 which is supplied as a control module and two looms of wiring. (plus hardware bits, external round socket, screws, fuses... (225 views, 11 replies)
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Today 06:45 PM
 17" Full Size Spare ... there's room
Just an update, I ended up buying a OEM steel 17" rim ($165). Will get Pirelli Scorpio Verde 215/65 R17s fitted next week. Thanks for all the help and advice! (1,632 views, 17 replies)
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Today 06:43 PM
 MK7.5 ACC adaptive cruise control - right lane overtaking
Best mod i have done todate makes my 140km drive to an from work on the M1 a significantly better experience with the Arteon no longer, slowing down just because someone to the right of me, wants to... (1,290 views, 29 replies)
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Today 06:42 PM
 2008 Passat Wagon TDI - CD Player Error
I checked and the 12v accessories socket should have a 20amp fuse. So put a 20amp in there. With the cd player you would really need to pull it apart and have a look. Unfortunately as with most... (64 views, 3 replies)
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Today 06:41 PM
 window regulator noisey - window guide friction
My rear (left) window regulator is creaking (noisey) when winding, its about to break? I removed the regulator to clean / lubricate anything that looks dodgey, the first thing Ive notived is the... (12 views, 0 replies)
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 BMW X3 - Definitive Sydney 4 Layers Gloss Enhancement Paint Protection Treatment
BMW X3 Jet Black Definitive Sydney Paint Gloss Enhancement and Protection Treatment by Frank. 1-Stage Paint Correction included, DCD Spray Gun 4 Layers + Infra Red Curing $1,245. Call us... (11 views, 0 replies)
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Today 05:52 PM
 MK3 Random Thread
VW golf mk3 owners of Australia. I wasn't aware of aussie mk3. Maybe I should have listed stuff there. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk (228,544 views, 3,915 replies)
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Today 05:46 PM
 Sam's build thread
Could be worth a try, mediums on the front (easy to get heat into) and softs on the rear (won't need as long to warm up). Cheers Gary (20,143 views, 466 replies)
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Tornado T5
Today 04:42 PM
 Transporter Aftermarket Windows
IIRC, the codes printed on the windows will tell you which country they were made in, if you search the Internet you will find a list. I had an aftermarket company fit glass to one of my vans, a... (130 views, 8 replies)
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Today 04:38 PM
 Map update?
Tried that already. The map will work, but if you have TMC activated the it breaks the TMC functionality as TMC relies on some files in the map to work properly. Stay with 0821 on (2,455 views, 39 replies)
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Today 04:22 PM
 FS: mk3 parts
Iím interested in fuel pump. Also do u have drivers side wishbone? (258 views, 4 replies)
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Storm Trooper
Today 03:13 PM
 Wolfsburg Edition Golf R
Oh I see! 4.5 weeks still seems like a while, maybe it was a customs thing. A nice welcoming present for you when you returned from overseas! (103,641 views, 1,064 replies)
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Today 02:53 PM
 FS: Audi Q3 S-Line
Hi all, Getting ready for the arrival of our new SQ5, so will be putting up the wifeís Q3 for sale. Loads up with options, located in Camden area. If you know anyone interested can either... (32 views, 0 replies)
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