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Thread: Passat Alltrack

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    Passat Alltrack

    Hi all! I've just bought myself a used 2015 Passat Alltrack with 33,000km on the clock. I've only had the chance to drive it for a day so far, ended up having to travel interstate the day after I picked it up I've gotta say though that one days worth of driving was pretty nice!

    I came across your forum while trying to do a little bit of research to learn about my car. At this stage I'm on the hunt for accessories and a good place to find them which I'm sure I'll find given some time hunting through the forum.

    Some things I'm looking at to start with are:
    - Rubber mats
    - LED Light Bar (Doing a lot of country driving at night, South Coast + Roos)
    - Paint Protection
    - Giving her a name!

    Just in case this is like any other forum I've been on (I really hope it isnt! Time will tell), Yes I will be using the search function!

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    Welcome mate! You have come to the right place!!!
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    Welcome mate the alltracks are a very nice car indeed i have the golf version and love it

    As you say drives very well indeed

    Check the detailing section there are many posts on paint protection (i used pomponazzi on mine)

    Rubber mats can be found on ebay i got a good set front and rear for my golf for $80 delivered!

    I can't help with a name sorry thats up to you

    Happy motoring
    2017 Golf Alltrack 135tdi all options

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