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Thread: Tiguan Trailer Hitch Wiring - Help Needed

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    You can find the Trailer plug tapped up next to the left hand tail light its only a matter of pluging it in and wire up under the dash .

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    Hope someone can clue me up on this a bit more.

    I have a kit 5N2055204 which is supplied as a control module and two looms of wiring. (plus hardware bits, external round socket, screws, fuses etc.)
    One loom has a 13 pin plug from the trailer connector plug at the towbar end and it connects into one socket of the controle module box. The other loom has a connector which looks significantly like the prewired connector up inside the body behind the jack and tools of my Tig. This is also connecting into the module (box). I'm assuming that because I have a November 2012 built Tig that this loom is redundant and I don't have to chase wires throught the cabin.
    Can anyone confirm that I have the right module to connect into the pre-wired connectors and just use the trailer end loom?
    The concern I have is that I dont have the Y-connector (one end - two tails) described in above posts to fit into the foam covered plug up beside the fuse box.

    There seems to be variations of the part number 5N2055204 with another showing 5N2055204N and 5N2055204NA (it seems NA supersedes the N).

    Any knowledge on this?

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