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Thread: Brake pad and rotor replacement

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    Brake pad and rotor replacement

    The 'Check Pads' warning came on in the missus '15 Treg (55k's) through the week and since I had a few spare hours this weekend, I thought I'd save a few pennies and do it myself.

    Since I could get them for trade I decided to replace the rotors at the same time so stumped up for a set of DBA standard rotors with Bendix EuroPlus pads on the front and, since they don't make EP's for the rear, a set of Bendix HD's for the rear.

    The front were a deadset doddle and if you were just doing pads alone, it's a 15 minute job each side. Swapping the rotors was pretty easy too, just required the caliper to be removed which is standard.

    The rears are a proper pain in the bum however. From the 12 point keyed head bolts to the stupidity of routing the pad sensor through an aperture too small for the connection........... those crazy Italians at Brembo need to rethink!!'s all done now and saved myself over $1000 from the quote from a reputable brake shop.

    Time to go to Bunnings and spend the savings!! Brake pad and rotor replacement

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