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Thread: VR6 Aux water pump fix

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    VR6 Aux water pump fix

    The aux water pump stopped working on my '98 VR6 after 100k. Tested the connector from the harness to the pump and it had 12V when the ignition was on. No problems there. I then tested the resistance on the motor across the terminals and it was open - a couple of mega ohms.

    Took the pump apart to have a look and it turned out to be the brushes. One of them was worn to the point of not touching the commutator. When the brushes were out, I noticed that they were similar size to the ones used in 1/10th scale R/C car motors. Not the enclosed type, but the ones where the brushes can be accessed easily at the back of the motor.

    I had an old R/C car motor laying around and took a brush off it and fitted it. Put the pump back together and check the resistance and it now measures 3.2 ohms across the terminals. Plugged the pump back into the harness and its spinning happily again.

    Hope this information will be useful for others.

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    imported_brackie Guest

    A man after my own heart!

    Well done, Mate! Y'know, if you had submitted your VR6 to a service and repair dealer odds-on they would have just installed a new pump and charged you $xxxx I love to hear storied like this!

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    kai_h Guest
    Yep - mine went recently, and not having time to fix it myself, it was over $300 for the pump. Then there's the labour and the coolant as well...

    If I had a little more time on my hands, I probably would have been able to recondition it - the seals in it were failing, and it was leaking coolant at quite a decent rate.

    It is good knowing I've got a brand-new one, as this is the wife's car, and it's better being safe in the knowledge that the cooling system is up to scratch...

    I am, however, in the process of reconditioning the coilpack at the moment, as there's no way I'm even considering spending $500 for an OEM replacement!

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    imported_brackie Guest

    Water pump seals

    In days gone by failed seals could be pressed out and replaced. When cheap generic water pumps first appeared it worked out better and not that much more expensive to just replace the pump. Then manufacturers kept upping the price of the pumps and not only could you not get the seals but the pumps were put together so they couldn't be pressed out/in reliably. Progress

    I thought it was the plastic impeller that cause water pump failure in this model

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