I've confirmed this tweak is working

stolen from A guide to enable EU specific features for AU Spec Tiguans

1. Module 5F
Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2 traffic_sign_recognition_0x21
Set to Active
Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu menu_display_road_sign_identification
Set to Enabled

Then go to Coding
Long Coding
Byte 24, activate Bit 6

2. Module A5

Then go to Coding
Long Coding
Byte 16, activate Bit 4

3. Module 17

Then go to Coding
Long Coding
Byte 5, activate Bit 2

Then you need to disable Road Sign Fusion.

4. Module A5
Road sign detection fusion mode
Change from Road sign fusion to Road sign detection

If you have HUD in your Tiguan, the following coding will enable speed signs to be shown on it (For NZ and other countries)

Module 82
Long Coding

Byte 0, Activate Bit 0.

Reboot the infotainment system.