Hey all,

Just throwing this out there. Anyone interested in buying my (Bricked) Audiosources DS811 Headunit?

I managed to brick it flashing the firmware. My guess is the bootloader is gone, it doesn't bootup and no lights come on. 99% chance it needs a new mainboard, unless you've got some wince hacking skills. I bricked my DNS810 way back when in the same way, and I was able to get a replacement mainboard, believe it was ~$150, so figure this would be the same deal.

I've tried contacting Audiosources but they're pretty difficult to get an answer out of. Probably a cheap way to get a relatively reasonable satnav headunit, especially if you can talk chinese and get a hold of someone from Audiosources.

Make an offer or something, IDK? Will also throw in the TPMS kit that comes with it. Pickup would be Brisbane, 4006 or 4066.