I've threatened to do this a few times, but truth be told the old mk1 has become an anchor and I need to move on. I haven't even lived in Vic for more than 18 months in the past 4 years!

I've had this car for 16 years now, I'll regret selling it, but it's better being with someone who has the time and desire to finish it.

1977 GLS as follows:


- No rust, fixed it all in the worlds longest garage respray. It's shot in Audi Cumulus Blue (bonnet, boot lid and engine bay still need to be done)... It's acrylic and not the worlds best spray job. I'm not a panel beater, I'm a chopper pilot.

- 1.8 from a cabby with a G-Grind cam, flat top pistons, extractors and a 2" exhaust. Sounds lumpy, goes great and is super old school

- Seats are MINT and original. Blue Velvet, no rips, no tears, just eye watering 70's stylez.

- Will come with GTI brakes (the rotors have surface rust everywhere, but that's the cheap part)

- Just bought a bunch of door rubbers for it and brand new bumper end caps.

- It'll come with truck loads of spares. ALL of the stuff I've accumulated in the millennia of ownership.

- It's a mk1...


- You'll need to finish re-assembly, but it's almost there, I'll put the running gear back in it when I'm back in the state in a week.

- I stitch welded the engine bay, after which I wet sanded it in prep for paint. There's tiny bits of rust coming though on the welds where it wasn't fully dry. Easy fix, POR15 and seam seal it.

- The paint job isn't perfect, but hey, it's there, it's as straight as you're going to get for a 40 year old car and it's original.

- I don't have any recent pics, it's in a container on a friends farm

Asking $3000ono

I know it seems like a lot, but there's a lot there, and they aren't getting any more common, especially rust free ones. If you're serious, have a chat with me and we'll go from there. I'd like to see it go to someone who'll finish it and enjoy it. I don't really want to sell it, but the nature of my career is that I'll be living in weird and wonderful places for some time to come. Perks of flying vibrating oil leaks.

Project Never Never

Oh the folly's of youth.