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Thread: Warning light and brief loss of power

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    Warning light and brief loss of power

    Hi , I have a 2013 GTI and the other day as the wife left the house for work she said a warning light flashed briefly and the car had derated power. Unfortunately it wasnt up long enough for her to remember wich light it was. But she immediately drove it around the corner and straight back in the garage. I connected my OBD2 gadget and there is no stored errors or anything logged. I have tried to get the car to fault again but it is running like a champ. It has 46000ks on her . Has anyone had similar experiences like this?. Even though the OBD2 showed nothing will the stealership computer pick up what it was.
    many thanx Tim

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    Traction control kicked in, perhaps?

    Light will blink, brakes are intermittantly applied.
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    Most likely thing is that she hit a bump which activated the traction control. Wouldn’t worry about it. Unless it happens to you...
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    Thanks for the info everyone. I did ask her if she may have bumped a kerb but all that did was start a new argument!!!! But no she didnt hit anything and there have no bumps appear in the road she has taken over the almost 4 years she has taken to work? She also said that she was sure the light that came up looked like a " little engine thingy". So maybe its a sensor about to **** the tin or a intermittent bad connection to one. Cheers

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    Honestly to me it just sounds like the activation of the ABS. Other than the indicators on the dash, that's really the only light that would flash intermittently. And this is proven by the cutting of the power.

    ABS isn't 100% perfect. Even if no slippage is felt, sometimes the sensors pick up slight variations in the wheel rotations that we ourselves cannot feel.

    Unless it happens again and more frequently, I wouldn't worry at all.
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    In order to be certain of another argument you could ask her if she was flogging it at the time. In which case a little wheel spin even ever so minor will activate the traction control and be exactly the sensation described.

    Good luck with both the investigation and the next argument! 😁👍

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