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Thread: Superb - Vic Plates install help

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    Superb - Vic Plates install help

    Hi Guys

    I have recently relocated to Melbourne from Sydney. My NSW plates were Euro style. I just went to Vic Roads to transfer rego and got standard plates, as i'm moving back in 12 months at the $500 seems a bit steep.

    The pre cut holes for the plates don't fit the rear of the car, so presumably I am going to need to cut some new ones. Can anyone recommend the best way to do this?


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    has to drill two holes in the middle of the plate then. otherwise try autobarn or supercheapauto for a plate holder/frame

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    Double sided automotive tape. Done. I've been running this for 7 years on the van and 6 on my Golf with no issues at all.

    No holes, no problems

    NOTE: While it's possible to remove the number plate later without damaging it if you're careful, there is a good change it gets a little mangled in the process... mind you it doesn't matter if you're handing it back in, more of an issue if it's a custome plate and you want to transfer it to another car (of course plan B is just to order nice clean replacements when the time comes if that's the case )
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    Plan B I was going to do last time around as my custom plates have got a bit damaged by stones etc and dealers doing dodgy drilling on my first Skoda in 2008. But Vicroads have increased the cost of just slim line alone for any plate, it used to be $15 more. What you can do is go into a Skoda dealer like Richmond Skoda and they have plate holders that will use your plate without drilling. Or you can get the Lakin plates.

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