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Thread: DSG question

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    DSG question

    I have recently brought a 14 RS with DSG and it has the shudder and lag in engaging gear when cold. The car has done 135k and I took it to local agent and they said it missed its 125k service when the dsg gets new oil and filter, they recommended getting this done now at a cost of $750.

    Question for the gurus, will this service fix the issues, Im thinking it will but before I spend the money I thought Id check with other owners that may have had this experience before.

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    The shudder is usually caused by worn clutch plates. They have been replaced 3 times under warranty in our Yeti. If you can find an independent VW workshop, they usually charge $500-600 for a DSG dg250 service.

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    I would've thought that you could get it for under $500.00. I recently had a DSG and Haldex service done on my Golf R for $539.00.
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    Unfortunately I don't think a dsg service will be the culprit as you are only over by 15k and it should have been done at 120k not 125k like they stated.... If you are in Sydney I can point you in the right direction for 1/3rd of the price
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