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Thread: mike grove

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    mike grove

    hey guys. im looking for front doorcards that will fit a 01 beetle. not cabriolet. thanks

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    Try VW wreckers or your local dealer.
    - Ben

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    Late reply I know. How bad are yours? If they're not too bad then it's probably easier just to glue them up and reinforce them from behind.

    If the handles broke then look on ebay and VW New Beetle Door Handle Replacement | Dieselgeek

    The Beetlebrace is the cheapest solution but obviously not the prettiest. Quite a large market seems to have popped up for Beetle door handle repairs. Remember, replacing the door card is only temporary unless you're gentle with yours all the time.

    I'm possibly interested in buying your door cards depending on condition, or selling you some Beetlebraces.

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