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Thread: Setting the timing mark 1 vw golf 1.6

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    Setting the timing mark 1 vw golf 1.6

    Hey guys, so i just changed my headgasket and am having trouble setting the timing again !! Any tips ?? i tried the search button but couldnt find anything !! any help will be appreciated !

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    I take out plug nr 1 and turn eng to TDC of piston on nr 1 cyl...this can be
    seen by rising of the inserted screwdriver to highest point - MATCHING with rotor pointing to dizzy edge mark
    the cam must be (so valves are closed (for nr one firing possy)...the lowest point of the cam facing dwn on both inlet and outlet position or long bits facing upwards).
    Cam may have a mark also, ie 2 dots on the main gear -also facing topmost position. check all by turning engin to see if it runs freely (all spark plugs out) before firing up....take care
    german - english translations esp vw documents!!

    Dismantling 95 Seat Cord'a and 73 campers and 74 dc van !!! Some Mk1 and t2 ant3 gear in my stash,,,


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