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Thread: Mk1 golf questions

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    Mk1 golf questions

    Hey guys, just got a few questions hopefully someone with some knowledge can help me out! I'm trying to get my mk1 to start after sitting for a year and some change. I'm having issues with the engine to even attempt to kick over. Each key turn it takes 3-4 times for it to actually try to start up. I've had a look over the ignition wiring, I'm hoping someone can verify that it's correct?

    Also are the HT leads in the correct layout for the mk1 1.6 petrol?

    It's had a working started reinstalled, it's trying to turn over and it's trying to suck fuel. Could anyone give an idea as to what this electrical issue could be?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    From memory it was 1-3-4-2 which looks like the leads are correct to me. As for the coil, I cant remember sorry haha - perhaps someone can share some insight.

    You mentioned it takes 3-4 times for it to try and start, do you mean it takes 3-4 times turning the key to get a crank? If so, that's definitely ignition wiring or perhaps poor grounding.
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