thanks fellas. Sean I was looking at them on ebay but had no way of getting one quick enough. I'll definitely get one for the next bleed. Down at European Autotech they said they basically use them too. I asked about whether or not they use the output test VCDS style of bleeding cos I was worried air might have gotten up inside the ABS distributor. They said they only run that test after a new module has been fitted because there's a risk it can overheat the pump if there's too much air in it and it runs for too long, so I was happy with them just cramming in the fluid from the master cylinder. I have a really good pedal now so the brakes are ready for the rallysprint.
Yeah my last of headlights I did with a home kit and they came up about 85% and it was a pretty hateful task which I swore I'd never repeat, but I just paid for my MCA's so now I'm skint and will have to eat my words. If I get them half good an acquaintance has a UV heat resistant film (just like a car wrap) that he puts on headlights to keep them in good nick for longer so I might try that this time. My others were smashed to smitherines when I was shunted up the back of the 4WD in the crash so sadly they are gone.

here's that pic. hope it loads this time.
Sam's build thread-wtrs_rd4-jpg