I am upgrading my racechip from RACECHIP ONE to RACECHIP ULTIMATE.

I bought the RACECHIP ONE from Racechip DE on ebay last year....and made the installation myself.

Car : VW Golf Mk VI (2008-2013) with 1.4 TSI twincharger 160PS/118KW 7speed DSG.

Currently I got a Racechip ULTIMATE from a friend (exactly same car model).

But unfortunate the marking A and B labels on both ends of the connectors are missing already.

Assuming it should be same as my Racechip One (since both of them are made for the same car)....I just want to make sure that I am making the correct guess :

1) My existing racechip one cable (still have A and B labels)

2) Is this the side ....where the end connector "A" always running ? (Side of where the hollow flange of splitter)

3) This is the racechip ultimate cable (no more A and B labels on the cable).

Is this the connectors of "A"-side?

4) This is the racechip ultimate cable (no more A and B labels).

Is this the connectors of B-side?

I need some help for confirming my assumption of A and B side of the cable from anyone who uses Racechip Ultimate in Golf Mk6 1.4TSi twincharger 118kw/160PS with 7speed DSG.

I emailed Racechip DE support 1 week ago and 2x resent....still no response from them.

Thanks in advance



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