Hi Folks,
Just hoping for some support if you donít mind. I have a 6 year old 77 TDI Golf Mk 6. For the past 6 months I have noticed occasionally (maybe once a week) a strong diesel fuel/smoke smell in the cab of the car when Iím idling at a set of lights. Itís so bad that I need to wind down all the windows to breathe fresh air until i drive off and makes me feel sick. The engine also revs higher at about 1200 rpm instead of being around 750rpm at idle. I took my car in for its yearly service last month and the dealer mechanic said ďthe diesel particulate filter gasket is breaking down and needs replacingĒ and they were adamant that is whatís causing the issue. Does this sound reasonable? Has anyone else come across this before? I have booked my car in next week to get it replaced ($400 including labour), I don't feel it's safe to my health leaving it any longer.

Coincidentally, my Golf is caught up in the ďDieselgateĒ stuff with VW but i donít know if itís related or a separate issue.

Thanks so much for any thoughts and opinions. Cheers.