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Thread: 2011 Tiguan Bike Rack and towbar

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    2011 Tiguan Bike Rack and towbar

    Hi all
    So ive decided to take the plunge and get a bike rack for my 2011 tiguan. Im wanting to go for a towbar style for ease of access and to accommodate 4 bikes. This will also involve getting a tow bar installed as i dont have one.

    So i would be interested from anyone who has a similar setup. The dealer has quoted over $2k for a towbar, so im looking at getting a non-dealer fitted one, these come in around $1k. Any recommondations? for brand and fitting (in Perth)?

    In terms of the actual bike rack, im looking at a thule Thule Australia Products Bike Carriers Thule 9708 HangOn 4 Bike

    Anyone had experience with these? Or other brand recommondations?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Make sure your non genuine towbar has the smarts to disable your reverse sensors as you don't want constant warnings you have a bike rack on the back when you're in reverse.

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