Design and colours refreshed: Volkswagen unveils exclusive update for the Golf Cabriolet
• Exterior with new front bumper, sporty remodelled rear bumper, new sills and new wheel designs
• Interior upgraded with new fabrics, leather, steering wheels and trim

Five key facts about the 2016 Golf Cabriolet:
1. New front bumper, sporty touches to rear bumper and side sills.
2. Six new exterior paintwork options.
3. New ‘Garnet Red’ soft top colour.
4. Six new wheel designs in 16, 17 and 18-inch sizes.
5. Engines and infotainment also updated.

The Golf Cabriolet is the most successful open-top car on the German market and one of the most popular of its kind in Europe. At the Frankfurt International Motor Show IAA Cars, Volkswagen is presenting a visually extensive update of the four-seater soft-top best seller. The 2016 model Golf Cabriolet is quickly identified from the outside by the remodelled and considerably sportier-looking front bumper and the striking side sills. The car can now also be configured even more individually, as from November 2015 the convertible will be available with a total of six new exterior colours, an additional soft top colour and six new wheel designs. On top of that, new steering wheels and new trim elements are featured inside. The patterns of the fabric or leather seats have likewise been given a fresh new look. The update covers not just the base version, but the Golf Cabriolet Exclusive and Golf Cabriolet GTI as well.

New colours. The colour spectrum of the exterior paint finishes includes five new shades: Dark Moss Green Metallic, Bilberry Blue Metallic, Night Blue Metallic, Honey Orange Metallic and Rising Blue Metallic, plus – exclusively for the Golf GTI Cabriolet – Dark Iron Grey Metallic. In early summer 2016, a further new colour, Walnut, will additionally be available for all models. The most popular colours for the Golf Cabriolet (which remain on offer) are, incidentally, Deep Black and Pure White. In total, Volkswagen offers the open-top Golf in 14 different hues. There is also a new colour for the hood: in addition to the hood colours of Deep Blue and Black, a soft top in Garnet Red now extends the spectrum.

New wheel designs. The array of new alloy wheels is made up as follows: 1 x 16-inch (Dover), 2 x 17-inch (Dijon and Fortaleza) and 2 x 18-inch (Salvador and Talladega). New in the configurator exclusively for the Golf GTI Cabriolet: 1 x 17-inch (Brooklyn), 1 x 18-inch (Austin) and 2 x 19-inch (Talladega in silver and black). In total, ten different rims (16 to 18-inch) are being offered for the Golf Cabriolet and five for the Golf GTI Cabriolet (17 to 19-inch).

New interior configuration. One striking interior feature is the new generation of steering wheels. Others include the redesigned trim elements in ‘Mini Wafer Dark Silver’ and new seat covers. The new ‘Network / Solo’ pattern enhances the high-comfort seats and the ‘New York City / Global’ fabric the sports seats. The new Garnet Red and Silver Grey colours in Alcantara are available as choices for the sports seats. The colours of the leather seats have also been refreshed: here Volkswagen will in future be offering ‘Black with Piping’, ‘Deep Red with Piping’, ‘Truffle with Piping’ and ‘Dessert Beige with Piping’. The piping refers to the new stitched folds of the upgraded leather seats. For the Golf GTI Cabriolet Volkswagen is also offering the black leather ‘Vienna’ trim with tornado-red piping – the red accents typical of the sporty GTI thus get integrated into the leather seats as well.

New engines. In May, Volkswagen switched the Golf Cabriolet’s engines to the Euro-6 emissions standard. Increased dynamism is accompanied here by up to 15 per cent lower fuel consumption. The Golf Cabriolet can be ordered with a choice of four petrol (TSI) and two diesel (TDI) engines. They are all direct-injection turbo engines with correspondingly powerful torque. The new TSI engines develop outputs of 77 kW / 105 PS, 92 kW / 125 PS, 110 kW / 150 PS and – in the Golf GTI Cabriolet – 162 kW / 220 PS. The diesel engines are available with output levels of 81 kW / 110 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS.

New driving fun. The Golf GTI Cabriolet, for instance, offers greater dynamism coupled with lower fuel consumption. The 220 PS Volkswagen accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds (previously 210 PS and 7.3 seconds). Meanwhile, fuel consumption in the NEDC has been reduced by the aforementioned 15 per cent to just 6.5 l/100 km. The new generation diesel engines have also become more powerful and efficient. The best example: the 2.0 TDI delivering 150 PS generates 10 PS more than before, provides the crankshaft with torque increased by 20 to 340 Nm and accelerates the Golf Cabriolet to 100 km/h in 9.2 rather than 9.7 seconds. Despite the increased output, power and dynamism, average fuel consumption has been reduced by 0.5 to now 4.6 l/100 km.

New infotainment. Also new on board are the Composition Colour and Composition Media radio/infotainment systems. As a supplement to the Composition Media system the Discover Media navigation system is available. With the new infotainment systems Volkswagen has brought Car-Net, featuring Guide & Inform, and App Connect smartphone integration to the Golf Cabriolet. App-Connect includes the smartphone interfaces MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ (Google) and CarPlay™ (Apple). Guide & Inform enables Internet-based information channels to be used. These include Online Traffic Information, News, the Vehicle Status Report and Weather. Via Online Destination Import it is also possible to send navigation destinations to the infotainment system from work, home or while on the move. Meanwhile, Personal POIs enable drivers to discover restaurants, museums or cinemas in unfamiliar surroundings. They can also access information on free parking spaces in surrounding car parks or on the cheapest filling stations (fuel prices) and integrate the respective destinations into the navigation system’s route guidance.

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