Sport Coupé Concept GTE fascinates with exclusive sports car design
High-tech concept car with new generation interface and plug-in hybrid drive

Ten key facts about the Sport Coupé Concept GTE:

1. The Sport Coupé Concept GTE is the champion of a new progressive Volkswagen design language.
2. Concept combines exclusive sports car design with four-door body concept and large boot lid.
3. Sport Coupé Concept GTE is positioned above today’s Volkswagen CC.
4. Coupé is 4,870 mm long; wheelbase is a generous 2,841 mm which maximises interior length.
5. Active Info Display (digital main instrument) offers three-dimensional graphic in a new high-end quality.
6. Optionally, the navigation system can incorporate biometric data from the driver to calculate route recommendations.
7. Sport Coupé Concept GTE utilises a plug-in hybrid drive (TSI plus two electric motors) with a system power of 380 PS.
8. Coupé with top speed of 250 km/h can be driven at least 50 kilometres in the all-electric E-mode.
9. In GTE mode, the Sport Coupé Concept GTE accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.0 seconds.
10. Innovative all-wheel drive via electric propshaft.

Volkswagen is presenting the Sport Coupé Concept GTE in a world premiere at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show and is presenting this avant-garde model as the champion of a new, progressive Volkswagen design language. “Evolution and revolution come together in the Sport Coupé Concept GTE. This concept is based on Volkswagen design DNA, which has been visibly sharpened even more. It shows how fascinating the highest-volume brand of our Group is shaping the immediate future,” says Walter de Silva, Head of Design of Volkswagen AG. Dr Heinz-Jakob Neußer, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Development, explains: “This concept car is a breathtakingly dynamic coupé unlike any other to appear in this class. In the design of the Sport Coupé Concept GTE – that is, in the style of an exclusive sports car that is enriched by the added functionality of a large boot lid and the interior space of a four-seater – we see an impressive alternative to the classic saloons of the B and C segments.” Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design of the Volkswagen Brand, adds this: “The Sport Coupé Concept GTE is another milestone of expressive design. Unmistakably reinvented, from the first to the last stroke. A stylistic compass. In this concept car, Volkswagen is not only presenting the new design of a new model, but also initial glimpses of a new design era.”

High-end interface. The interior of the Sport Coupé Concept GTE is as innovative as its exterior. The extremely clean design, ergonomic perfection and new interactive interfaces between human and machine – including the use of the driver’s biometric data and a new Active Info Display with 3D look – combine to create an avant-garde atmosphere inside this coupé that is in complete harmony with its expressive exterior design.

GTE, the plug-in hybrid from Volkswagen. Not only is the car’s design innovative, its technology is as well. The GTE designation promises revolutionary drive system technology. Ever since the Golf GTE made its debut, these three letters have been used at Volkswagen to designate a car with a plug-in hybrid drive. The Passat GTE follows this year. These cars can be driven approximately 50 kilometres in an all-electric mode; and yet they can cover very long distances with confidence. This all happens with maximum dynamics; the vehicles are silent gliders, powerful cruisers. GTE versions are conceivable in all vehicle classes, such as in the SUV concept vehicle that was shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. In the Sport Coupé Concept GTE being revealed in Geneva, Volkswagen is adding a new facet to its GTE philosophy – a special avant-garde facet. The 279 kW / 380 PS GTE fastback delivers the long-distance properties of a Gran Turismo while simultaneously enabling zero-emission driving – thanks to its two electric motors and externally chargeable battery. The concept car, with a top speed of 250 km/h, has an average combined fuel consumption of 2.0 l/100 km.

Its own class. Volkswagen differentiates between the B, C and D segments in the mid-size and premium classes. The latest Passat, for example, is setting standards in the mid-class, i.e. in the high-volume section of the B segment; the Volkswagen CC is positioned in the upper B segment; and the Phaeton, as a premium saloon, is a typical D segment model. The concept car being presented in Geneva is now breaking out of the upper B segment and into the C segment. Klaus Bischoff once again: “Internally, the Sport Coupé Concept GTE is a car that we position above today’s Volkswagen CC. We are enriching this segment with a premium design which is as exclusive as it is dynamic, and which casts the term avant-garde in a new light.” The Head of Volkswagen Design continues: “In developing the concept we had a specific goal in mind: This four-door sports car should be desirable; it should elicit an “I want to have it” feeling.

Fast proportions. The engineering basis for the charismatic design of the Sport Coupé Concept GTE is once again provided by the modular transverse matrix (MQB) from Volkswagen. It makes it possible to implement fascinating proportions and ideal package dimensions. The most important of all of these dimensions is the ratio of the exterior length to the wheelbase. The concept car is 4,870 mm long, while the wheelbase measures a phenomenal 2,841 mm. This creates a very comfortable interior length of 1,871 mm and extremely concise body overhangs. The front overhang is 909 mm, and the rear 1,120 mm – each measured from the centre of the axle. At the same time, in this concept car Volkswagen has put a very low (1,407 mm high) and wide (1,865 mm) four-door coupé on large 21-inch wheels. Thanks to the MQB, the use of space in the vehicle is, as implied, excellent: Despite its dynamic dimensions, the Sport Coupé Concept GTE – which is fitted with a panoramic sliding sunroof – offers impressive front and rear headroom, for instance. The large boot lid – which cannot be recognised as such from outside – gives access to a 480-litre boot. Avant-garde without limits!

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