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I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being one of the first to play with the new eBay collections tool.  Now anyone can create a collection of stuff you’ve found and then share it with others (think Pinterest for eBay) or follow other people’s collections.  It’s a totally new way to discover and shop on eBay.


For a community like ours here on VWWatercooled it opens a whole new world of opportunity to share your finds.  Consider for a moment that you’re searching for some new parts for your Mk3 to fix up all those broken parts, the ones that everyone before you and after you will also probably have to replace since it’s always those same bits that are breaking (like window regulators, door clips, lock barrels etc etc).  Now you can save them all into a collection and share them with some like minded individuals who are also fixing up Mk3 and need a lot of the same parts.  This then saves them lots of time and also means you can find all that other stuff you book marked for later reference.


Get your significant other onto this idea too and you’ll never have to hunt around for another birthday present… just check out their latest collections and pick up a few bargains delivered straight to your door without even having to wash the grease off you hands.


If you want to be inspired go to the eBay Collections homepage and check out Featured Collections tab, which includes the very best Collections created by the eBay curation team, bloggers, buyers and sellers.

You can also jump straight to a few collections I’ve put together – don’t forget to follow them:




To read more about collections and how the whole things works, check out the eBay Collections information page.


For those who want to jump right in and give it a bash, you could get paid to build your own Collections. Sign up here.

I’ll also be running a little competition and giving away a few stickers to the best collections.  Put your own collections together and share them here and the best ones will pick up a VWWC sticker 🙂  Follow your Passions. Follow eBay Collections.

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