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 When you own a ute, you will always have friends… who just happen to have something they need picked up from somewhere.  One thing better than a ute is a trailer… and the only thing better than a trailer is a ute AND a trailer!

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have either.


Back in my university days, I might not have had a ute, but I did have a trailer which meant that every washing machine that needed moving, every piece of furniture, every… well everything somehow needed to be moved at a time when I just happened not to have a class or work on.


I’ve moved a cats and dogs (although never in the trailer).  I didn’t quite have 3 tonne towing power in those days either, but this week Rosso meets Rod, the Dapto vet who really is into horse power.

One of my “helping out a mate” trips involved picking up some gear from a friends ex…  from their new “housemate”…. across the other side of the city… on a day it happened to be pouring rain.  (I’m sure the trailer was floating at one stage).


Since the friend didn’t want to face the ex, I enlisted the help of another mate to lend a hand (nice bloke that I am).  So after spending all day floating across the city and back, we arrived home only to get a call saying that the “housemate” had neglected to point out another pile of stuff we should have grabbed.  Rather than repeat the whole ordeal another day we decided to suck it up and get it over with that day.  Nearly 12 hours on the road as well as hauling many boxes up and down apartment stairs left us with a few favors being owed for another day.


So what about you?  When have you gone above and beyond to help out a mate?  Once again I’m looking to give away a sticker or two to the best stories.


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