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Now that’s one big pile of …


Well, we’ve all heard the adage before and probably seen the show on TV, Dirty Jobs, which shows all the weird and downright dirty jobs people do.  Personally I’ve never really had a job I consider dirty… although as a parent of three children I’ve scraped my share of vomit and poo off various surfaces.  That said I think it’s a little different when it’s your child, I don’t know if I would feel the same if it was a strangers mess.

When it comes to poo, manure is one of those things that most people try to avoid, but it’s used as organic fertilizer in agriculture… a lot of it. 

This week Rosso meets a guy who loves it!  So much so he’s going to become a Doctor of S@#t!



For those that didn’t notice this part of the video, here’s an image for you to think about.  That’s poo flying out the back of that machine a couple of hundred feet…  Not somewhere you want to be standing, it’s probably best to take note of the “KEEP BACK 500ft” sign on the side!


I’ve met people with plenty of strange jobs, from abattoir workers, sewerage plant technicians (do you want to be the guy to clean out the filters?) as well as the guy who gets to clean out the cinema’s late at night (the things he finds are more than a little surprising…).


But what about you?  What’s your dirtiest job?  What totally puke worthy task have you been employed to do?  Once again I’m looking to give away a sticker or two to the best (or should I say worst) jobs.

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