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I’ve been eyeing off an Amarok for a little while now as a replacement to the current family Multivan. I’m looking for something a little more off-road to support us on our various treks across the country side and opening up many bush roads (or should I say tracks) that the Multivan just isn’t cut out for.

In my latest searches I’ve come across this video:

For us, the best part is definitely the tray. I mean, you can cram a lot of stuff into a van, but that game of luggage tetris would be that much simpler with an Amarok, especially when it comes to bulky things like the kid’s bikes.

It’s taken out 4X4 Magazine’s ‘Ute of the Year’ in Australia (and ‘Manliest Motor’ in the UK) so it’s definitely a capable (and manly) choice. I’ve had the pleasure of tinkering with a couple of Amaroks over the last few years and they have been a pleasure to work on and they drive beautifully.

Since it can hold up to 1.17t and is wide enough for a full pallet between the wheel arches, it’s great if you want to get a whole yards worth of turf home (or the ton of top soil to go with it) although that might just take two trips.


The big driver for me is not having to borrow a trailer anymore for things like our annual BBQ in January each year. The ability to just throw everything into the back at a moment’s notice would be magic as well as making parking in busy carparks that much simpler.

Of course, having all that carrying capacity is nice but you need to be a little careful. I remember having a few mates around lending a hand in cleaning up the yard when I first moved into my house. After hours of blood, sweat and tears, along with a few trips to the tip, everything was coming together nicely… that was until I decided I would make the last tip run solo since it was just before closing time and the boys were finishing up the last few bits as the sun headed towards the horizon. Despite offers to come along I stuck to my guns and said I could do it myself. After all… how hard could it be?

As it turns out, we had saved all the little bits and pieces for last, so had been loading up grass, rocks, branches and soil into the back of the Amarok. When I turned up to unload, it had all formed one large mass that I couldn’t quite dig out… or rake out… So here I was, completely buggered pulling out a full load literally handful by handful. By the time I made it back to the exit I was bathed in sweat and the guy behind the counter was a little disgruntled since it was about 20 minutes past closing time by this time.

Moral of the story… when your mates offer to lend a hand, take it.

I think I would have been in real trouble without an Amarok seeing as it holds twice what my old ute did.


When it comes to crazy stunts or pranks, what have you pulled on your mates? We all have our stories, I’ve turned one friend’s mini sideways in a parking spot (but hasn’t everyone done that?) I’ve pinched a mate’s car keys to start a prank only to have him run out of the shower dripping wet clutching a towel, then dive in the passenger side window half hanging out (and completely hanging out of the towel) as I drove down the street.

So what have you done? Leave us a comment telling us what crazy things you’ve done and how it turned out. I’ll be giving away a couple of stickers from our collection to the best stories!

If you want to pick your perfect Amarok, head over the Volkswagens Commercial Vehicles website to check out the range as well as the special offers like the capped price servicing across the Amarok range.

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