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Have you ever been camping out in the middle of nowhere and run out of supplies?  As a poor uni student I remember one little impromptu adventure a few mates and I went on where we had run the tank of fuel almost dry getting to a campsite in the out outback.  We then managed to eat through just about all of our supplies a day early… (turns out that spur of the moment camping adventures should have slightly more preparation).  Not a big deal you say?  Head home early you say?  The problem was payday wasn’t for a couple more days and we were out of fuel.

Looks like Rosso might just understand what that feels like:

An Amarok might not help with the preparations, but it does go just about anywhere and with its fuel efficient diesel we probably wouldn’t have run out of fuel in the first place.  (It might have also helped with another trip and a creek bed we may or may not have buried the father-in-law’s 4WD in… but that’s another story entirely).

Peter from Snax on Trax shows off the practicality of the Amarok as an off-road café getting into (and out of) places where others couldn’t go (somehow I don’t think our usual coffee man with his Transporter is getting out of a muddy field).  Peter also talks about the versatility and tells us how he can pull the café off the back and use the ute for work around the homestead on the weekend.


I miss my old ute and the ability to just throw stuff in the back and go places, the idea of a something with both off-road credentials as well as a huge tray, and let’s not forget that is also has 5 seats, is very appealing.

Following on from last time I’m giving away some more stickers for some great stories.  This week I’m looking for your weird and wonderful camp foods, recipes or camp tricks for cooking.

For us it was tin can damper made on self-raising flour and beer.  Essentially you add about 4-1 flour to beer, mix it up and shove it in a can and throw in on the fire for a while.  Done.  What could be simpler?

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