2014 will see arrival of GTI Performance in Australia
Golf GTI Performance will launch with new front differential lock, upgraded brakes and additional standard features

Tasmania, October 2013. From the first half of 2014, the Golf GTI lineup in Australia will be complemented by a new performance companion. The added Golf GTI Performance will come standard with unique visual and technical equipment, which will help set it apart from the standard version.

Extended performance features. On its exterior, the Golf GTI Performance differs from the standard GTI by its GTI logo on the front brake calipers. The brake package for the GTI Performance has been upgraded along with the increased engine output (169kW), the ventilated brakes discs are 28mm larger at 340mm, while the rear discs are now also ventilated and 10mm larger at 310mm in diameter.

Technical features of the Golf GTI Performance also include a newly developed front differential lock.

Front differential lock. A newly engineered electronic front differential lock is being used exclusively in the Golf GTI Performance. To date, Volkswagen is the only carmaker to utilise an electronically controlled differential lock in a front-wheel drive production model. Compared to purely mechanical locks, the front differential lock integrated in the Golf GTI Performance has a variable degree of locking and comprehensive interfaces to ESP, EDL and XDL+ functions. This makes it possible to entirely avoid negative effects on steering handling or steering precision that otherwise occurs with mechanical locks. As a result, the system realises the full potential and maximum performance of a differential lock with regard to vehicle dynamics, ensuring comfort is not impaired under any circumstances.

Additional standard features. Adding a higher level of specification above the standard Golf GTI, the GTI Performance is instantly recognizable with a range of luxury and convenience features as standard. Bi-Xenon headlights, dark tinted LED tail lights, tinted glass and 19-inch “Santiago” alloy wheels give the GTI Performance’s exterior a sporty look, while the GTI Performance’s interior receives sports seats featuring the newly designed “Clark” tartan, with the addition of race-style alcantara trim on the head rest and side bolsters, completing the nod to over 35 years of GTI history.

Golf GTI Performance RRP $47,990*

* Prices quoted are Manufacturer List Prices excluding dealer delivery charges, which may vary from dealer to dealer and statutory charges, which vary from state to state.

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  1. “Golf GTI Performance will launch with new front differential lock, upgraded brakes and additional standard features Tasmania, October 2013” – WTF?

  2. VW always puts the location & date that the press release was released.

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