Recently The Hawk family moved house and arrived to a house with a normal boring mailbox, we thought that wouldn’t do, so we went on a hunt to find something more “us”.

Enter The BusBox, truth be told, Mrs Hawk’s brother discovered this awesome Etsy seller and passed the details on to us.

We spent an insane amount of time looking through all of the designs to find the perfect one for our house. Should it be red to match our Multivan? Should it be blue to match the new guttering we were having installed? Should it be yellow as it’s The Hawk’s favourite colour? In the end we chose a blue split window bus.

We then encountered a small issue, mailboxes are very different in the US, compared with Australia. The Hawk discussed this extensively with Branden from The BusBox. Between the two of them they came up with a solution. The bus was painted backwards! Instead of having the flap open for the postman, it opened at the back for us & a slot was cut in the front for the postman to use, as is the norm in Australia.

Then we had to decide what we wanted painted as the numberplate. A name? A word? A random number plate? One of our number plates? We ended up choosing the house number, though you have the option of having whatever you want on there.

And the result? Well see for yourself….


Awesome right?

The quality is fantastic, the slot size is cut exactly right considering it was an unusual request and overall it’s just really cool!  We screwed it onto the pole where the old mailbox was and other than needing a tiny bit of reinforcement on the base it went on perfectly.

The postie hasn’t commented on it yet, but I did catch him with a little grin on his face as he delivered our mail yesterday!

So if you’re a big Kombi fan, make sure you check out The BusBox Facebook page and Etsy Store.


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