Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Introduces Caddy Maxi Van with BlueMotion Technology
The most economical model in the commercial vehicles range is now the new Caddy Maxi Van 250TDI with BlueMotion Technology. Equipped with an exceedingly innovative high-tech package which includes Start/Stop system and battery regeneration mode, the affordable Caddy Maxi Van BlueMotion Technology is one of the most fuel-efficient van in its segment and is the first Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle with BlueMotion Technology.

The combination of Stop/Start system and battery regeneration is the first of its kind in the local compact van segment. Average fuel consumption for the Caddy Maxi Van with BlueMotion Technology is 5.2l/100km which equates to a fuel consumption improvement of 0.6l/100km compared to the Caddy Maxi Van TDI250 with 5-speed Manual. CO2 emissions have also been reduced significantly to just 136g/km resulting in a CO2 emissions reduction of 16g/km.

The 1.6-TDI engine in the Caddy Maxi Van 250TDI with BlueMotion Technology produces 75kW of power and develops a maximum torque of 250 Newton metres from just 1,500rpm. This frugal and simultaneously both powerful and comfortable powertrain enables fine driving performance while maintaining minimal fuel consumption.

The new Caddy Maxi Van 250TDI with BlueMotion Technology comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission and specifications are the same as on the Caddy Maxi Van 250TDI.

The Stop/Start system in detail
The intuitive Stop/Start system works in a very uncomplicated way: the Caddy driver approaches a red light, slows to a stop, shifts to neutral and takes their foot off the clutch, immediately turning off the engine.

The ‘Stop/Start’ indicator now appears on the multi-function display. As soon as the traffic light switches to green and the driver puts their foot on the clutch, the engine automatically starts, the ‘Stop/Start’ indicator goes out, the driver puts the vehicle into gear and drives on. There is nothing else the driver has to do. The Stop/Start system thus makes an appreciable contribution toward improved fuel economy.

Battery regeneration in detail
Regenerative braking helps the vehicle to utilise energy expended in driving in the best possible way. Whenever the Caddy Maxi Van with BlueMotion Technology is coasting or braking, i.e. whenever the driver simply lifts his foot off the accelerator or intentionally brakes, the generator’s voltage is increased and utilised to significantly recharge the vehicle’s battery.

Thanks to this generator control and the fact that the battery is thus always optimally charged, the generator’s voltage can be reduced, for example during acceleration or when constantly maintaining the desired speed. This reduces engine load and thus lowers fuel consumption. Special software is needed for the energy management system, and the engine controller software needs to be modified to implement regenerative braking.

The new and fuel efficient compact van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is offered at a competitive price of $27,990*. Offered at the same price as the outgoing Caddy Maxi Van 250TDI 5-speed Manual, Volkswagen’s innovative BlueMotion Technology comes at no extra cost for the customers.

* Prices are manufacturer recommended retail list prices only, for the drive away price please contact your local authorised Volkswagen dealer

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